Farm Legends

Front Cover
Harper & brothers, 1887 - 187 pages

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Page 91 - Then in her bosom they found them a grave. Cover them over — yes, cover them over — Parent, and husband, and brother, and lover : Press to your hearts these dead heroes of ours. And cover them over with beautiful flowers.
Page 24 - And the other four good district fathers gave quick the consent that was due, And scratched their heads slyly and softly, and said, "Them's my sentiments tew...
Page 27 - stead of doin' your duty, you're carryin' matters on so As to make the gals say that they love you, it's just all that I want to know ; — ' ' Now Jinn, the young heaven-built mechanic, in the dusk of the evening before, Had well-nigh unjointed the stove-pipe, to make it come down on the floor; And the squire bringing smartly his foot down, as a clincher to what he had said, A joint of the pipe fell upon him, and larruped him square on the head. The soot flew in clouds all about him, and blotted...
Page 91 - Hearts that beat high in the charge's loud tramp, Hearts that low fell in the prison's foul damp. Once they were swelling with courage and will, Now they are lying all pulseless and still; Once they were glowing with friendship and love, Now their great souls have gone soaring above. Bravely their blood to the nation they gave, Then in her bosom they found them a grave.
Page 18 - I could whip you, confound you! could such things be done with the fist!" There were two knowing girls in the corner, each one with some beauty possessed, In a whisper discussing the problem which one the young master likes best; A class in the front, with their readers, were telling, with difficult pains, How perished brave Marco Bozzaris while bleeding at all of his veins; And a boy on the floor to be punished, a statue of idleness stood, Making faces at all of the others, and enjoying the scene...
Page 80 - You are crazy !" a visitor said. I flung a bottle at her head.
Page 18 - Around were the walls gray and dingy, which every old school-sanctum hath, With many a break on their surface, where grinned a woodgrating of lath. A patch of thick plaster, just over the school-master's rickety chair, Seemed threat'ningly o'er him suspended, like Damocles
Page 18 - Loud-puffing each half-whispered letter, like an engine just starting its train ; There was one fiercely muscular fellow, who scowled at the sums on his slate, And leered at the innocent figures a look of unspeakable hate, And set his white teeth close together, and gave his thin lips a short twist, As to say, " I could whip you, confound you ! could such things be done with the fist...
Page 24 - An' when he spells out as he ought'r, you pass the word on to the next. They say there's some new-grafted books here that don't take them letters along ; But if it is so, just depend on't, them new-grafted books is made wrong. You might just as well say that Jackson didn't know all there was about war, As to say that old Spellin'-book Webster didn't know what them letters was for.

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