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the valve to keep it down, which would fear of German rivalry is well be disastrous. Force here is no rem- grounded, but it is on the land, not on edy. Safety lies in letting it escape the water. Her industrial developmore freely; less, not more, pressure is ment is a great fact in the world's histhe only policy. Lord Kitchener's ac- tory, which cannot fail to attract attentivity in strengthening the British mil- tion. She is already a great Empire, itary position in India so ostentatiously and rapidly growing greater. The is in the wrong direction. True, Russia 121,000 square miles of Britain cannot is proclaimed the ostensible enemy hope to support more than three-fifths feared, but the intelligent people of of the people the 209,000 square miles India know better. If all were known, of Germany can and will soon mainit is not Russian or any foreign attack tain. It cannot hope to produce as that the military officials dread. It is much iron and steel, nor to continue to the growing home-rule sentiment they increase its percentage of shipping, as consider dangerous to British control. rapidly as Germany. Although adding It is against the people of India, not much more yearly, the percentage of against the foreigner, that the legions increase of Germany must be greater, are to be moved. It would be a fatal since she has comparatively so little mistake for Britain to ignore the truth shipping in the aggregate; but because that intelligent natives take keenly to Germany has increased and is to inheart and brood over the fact that no crease, it does not follow that Britain native regiment is entrusted with artil- has decreased or will decrease thereby lery. The people of India fully recog- in either department. It simply means nize the significance of this. It invites that two-thirds more territory will ultiserious thought as revealing mistrust. mately support two-thirds more people, As long as it exists it will tell the story and the people will produce so much of foreign subjection, military occupa- more. Nothing that Britain can do tion, a just conqueror, yet a conqueror will prevent this. It is highly probable and all that this implies. There is no that it is the progress of Germany as Russian wolf or any other that can an industrial Power which has aroused find desirable prey there, or which could the unreasonable jealousy of her as a capture it from the people of India if naval, shipping, and colonial Power, there were. The British army needs which, as far


see, is no strengthening to meet this imagi- baseless. nary Russian danger, neither to meet This "wolf” cry shares the exaggerathe danger of intensified native dissatis- tions of Dame Rumor with her thoufaction, for the sure and only effective sand tongues. Germany's alleged ambicure for that is to begin at once an en- tions which alarm the timid, when largement of native participation in the compared with the means she has of government, holding out the promise accomplishing these alleged stupendous that Britain is teaching them to become designs, are rendered positively chiself-governing in due time. The prob- merical. The supposed would-be mislem is internal, not external. It is tress of the seas has a naval tonnage within, not without, India that the less than that of America, and accordwolf lurks. So much for India and de- ing to the latest figures she has only lusion number one.

twenty-four battleships against BritThere is a second British delusion, in ain's fifty-five, tonnage 204,581 against the opinion of the writer, as wild as 732,480, more than three to one. The the first and equally baseless: Germany Statesman's Year Book, 1904, gives as a rival to Britain upon the sea. The four armored cruisers against twenty,



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thirty-nine protected cruisers against gramme adopted for increasing the fifty-four, forty-seven destroyers against British navy out of all proportion. We one hundred and thirty, one submarine read of no less than eight battleships against ten. No one ever questions the under construction. The increase of efficiency of the British navy, Ship French and German navies is comparafor ship), it compares favorably, to say tively trifling in comparison. The the least, with that of any other Power. Liberal Government, searching for a So say the naval officers of other coun- field for necessary reduction of expenditries. This because, unlike the army, ture, has it at hand in the navy. With the British navy is a profession. Brit- a capacity for producing warships not ain's shipping compared with Ger- less than that of Europe combined, many's is as ten and a half to two Britain can safely follow America in and a third million tons (1901), say deciding this year to build none, and at nearly five to one.

most one battleship per year hereafter The German “wolf" in both naval for years to come; even this one may and shipping form is a very small one be found unnecessary. to make so great a cry. Only those It is in order to-day in Britain to who measure it can realize how ground- exclaim against the increase of armaless the alarm is.

ments and demand an agreement of It must clearly be only in union the Powers to cease increasing. Each with another navy that the German nation insists that it is compelled to navy

be seriously considered. increase its warships because others Surely the most timid Briton can sleep do. The real culprit, therefore, is the .soundly without fear of the French nation that leads the way. Britain navy ever being so utilized, but even has just launched a larger and more if it were, the two combined would still powerful ship than any hitherto known. be inferior to that of Britain. So would Here she takes the lead. Germany, if it be were the Italian and the Austro- we are to trust newspapers, has deterHungarian combined with it. There mined to build one to match the Dreadformerly remained the Russian navy, nought, and President Roosevelt has .but the question of Russian naval sup- asked the American Congress to do so. port is relegated to the future. What The blame of enlargement is here solely possible combination is there, then, that upon Britain.

No such monsters as should alarm the Briton? There cannot proposed would have been built by be one who imagines that America either Germany or America if Britain could be induced to become the ally of had not challenged them. A second Germany or of any European Power, British battleship was launched the or combination of Powers, against the other day, the Agamemnon, said to be old home. No one can even imagine the greatest of all. Here is another the issue upon which such a combina- challenge. The guilty one is he who ition could be based. On the contrary, if sets the pace. The House passed the the invasion of Britain were ever immi- President's request for the one battlenent, a wild supposition, in all proba- ship to equal the Dreadnought. He had bility America would be found at her previously stated that America has side. The Briton disturbed about what now a navy large enough, and her polthe German navy might do in combi- icy hereafter is only to keep the present nation with any possible ally imagines navy efficient, for which one battleship vain things.

a year is sufficient. No increase in The truth is that the naval disable- ships is desired. One hundred and ment of Russia has thrown the pro- thirty-five votes in Congress were cast



► against building even the one monster but still guided, let us say, by some

asked for to maintain the efficiency of degrees of judgment. He must know the present fleet, but it obtained a that the one great failure of Germany small majority. In the Senate, how- so far is her colonial possessions. ever, under the guidance of one of the Germany's colonial policy is of very wisest men in public life in America, recent growth. It began in 1884. Senator Hale, Chairman of the Naval Tongoland, 33,000 square miles, popuCommittee, it was resolved not to pass lation (1901) one million and a half, has the Bill for the new ship until the com- only 189 Europeans, 179 of these Gerplete plans thereof had been laid be

Kamerun, 191,000 square miles, fore the Committee and approved. a half larger than the United Kingdom, This postpones the Bill for a year at has only 710 whites, of whom 638 areleast. The writer does not believe the Germans. German South-west Africa, President is at all grieved at the delay. 322,450 square miles, much larger than Such is public sentiment in the Repub- the German Empire, has 200,000 belic to-day upon naval expansion, and longing to Hottentot, Bushman, Bantu such the Government policy as and Damara races; Europeans only nounced by President Roosevelt. Here 4682; number of Germans not given; is an example which should not be lost the garrison 606 officers and men. upon Britain. If Britain, as the lead- Kiau-Chau Bay has a population of ing naval Power, were to call the at- 1,200,000, whites only 3,735, number of tention of France and Germany to the Germans not given. German East declared policy of America, and inti- Africa has 384,000 square miles, popumate a willingness to join them in fol- lation 6,700,000, mostly mixed tribes of lowing America's example, much might Bantu race; European population only be accomplished. If not, the Liberal 1437, of whom 1102 Germans. peaceful party of Britain would have Marshall Islands, twenty-four in numat least done what might be expected ber, population 15,000; Europeans only of it. It would be greatly to its credit eighty-one, of whom Germans sixtythat it had offered to co-operate with one. Bismarck Archipelago has only the Republic, thus throwing the united 203 Germans. In the whole German voice of the English-speaking race in Colonial Empire there are not twenty favor of ceasing to increase the number thousand white people, certainly not

power of warships for mutual fifteen thousand Germans. destruction.

The total trade of Germany in 1903 There is another alleged source of ap- with her Colonial Empire was: prehension in regard to Germany-her Imports to Germany, 376,7501. ambition to become a great Colonial Exports to Colonies, 1,221,3001. Empire. The German Emperor is Britain's trade with the Channel Istruly a great ruler, He has infused lands exceeds this. An enemy of Gerhis patriotic fervor throughout the Em- many might well wish her more colopire and has become a commanding fig- nies. Britain could do worse than ofure in the world, no titular sovereign fer her a gift of more than one extenbut the real leader of his people. Am- sive area she has rashly taken under bitious for Germany undoubtedly. her wing in recent years, which can Why not? He is to be extolled for his never be the home of Britons, nor anyintense devotion to his country, as thing but a source of loss and anxiety. King Edward is for his, but he is also It is clear that Germany is incapable credited, we believe justly, with great of becoming a colonizing Power. First, good sense: ambitious if you please, she has not the great surplus popula



tion needed. Fortunately, there is not of the native people. There is work in Germany for her increase, not a known region to-day in the world thanks to her Emperor in good meas- open to colonization worth possessing ure, whose attention to and sense in which can be colonized by Europeans business affairs are remarkable. Sec- and become part of the parent Euroond, of her small surplus 96 per cent. pean Empire. go to America, mostly to relatives and We have had, even in America, faint friends already there who have sent echoes of the "wolf” cry of German for them because

profitable work Colonization in South America with reawaits. This startling fact should sultant danger to the Monroe Doctrine. never be overlooked. Third, assuming The able German Ambassador in that the German Emperor and his ad- Washington, Baron von Sternberg, has visers have only average good sense, recently banished these for ever. We yet they must see that her emigration, commend this subject to the attention such as that upon a vast scale to Amer- of those timid Britons who hear and ica, or in less volume to Southern Bra- even see the German wolf of Colonial zil, or even upon the smallest scale, in- Empire in their disordered dreams. evitably results in the German emi- The story is soon told. Emigration grant becoming a cititzen of the coun- from the whole German Empire is not try he settles in, and a peaceable, in- as great as that from Ireland, small as dustrious, and loyal citizen he is. This that now is. In 1900 it was only 22,000; is so event with the emigrant himself, 1901, 32,000; 1902, 36,000; 1903, 38,000; who generally becomes naturalized, 1904, 27,924. while his children born abroad are South America began to attract Gerloyal citizens of their native land. Lit- mans about ninety years ago, when tle trace of the German remains; they Brazil received its first German immia re soon merged in the prevailing type grants. To-day there are about two and lost to Germany.

hundred thousand of German extracGermany's present settlements in tion, descendants of these immigrants, Africa and China can never be colonies, in its southern parts. These are now but only stations held by garrisons in- loyal Brazilians and excellent citizens volving more expense than there can be lost to Germany. The Argentine Rereturn, and what must be more disap- public has attracted very few Germans. pointing, the German element must Out of a total of 2,279,000 immigrants remain a foreign element as the British between 1857 and 1895, there were only is in India. Neither Germany nor any 25,000 Germans, but many of these other Power can ever create an Amer- are prominent citizens, all loyal to the ica or Canada or Australasia as Britain core to the Republic, as the Germans has, and which have made her the only in America are to her. Here is the possible “Mother of Nations," since her point to be noted by European empireemigrants remain of the race. She builders, “the offspring of the early stands and must stand alone in this settlers in South America have almost sublime office.

invariably renounced or lost their GerThat Colonial Empire

be man citizenship and have embraced the founded hereafter that will add to the citizenship of their adopted country. strength of the European founder is a They have not the remotest thought of delusion. South America is closed. returning to their former homes." Such Europeans cannot colonize in the Far is the statement of the German Ambas. East or in India. They must ever re- sador referred to. main a permanent invader, among but In the published official news of the

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German Government upon emigration, So fades into nothingness the phanwe read, “Emigration in the eyes of tom of German colonization in South the law is an economic phase of the America and Africa or anywhere else. social life of the Nation which in itself It will surely be impossible to raise the is an economic loss to the Common- colonial "wolf cry” again in face of wealth. It should not receive Govern. this complete exposure of the non-exment aid regardless of the country of istence even of the wolf's shadow. its final destination."

From the race point of view, our German emigration from 1871, the English-speaking race is the only imyear of the unification of the Empire, portant gainer by emigration, which up to 1894, was and still is almost flows almost wholly to America. One wholly to America. Out of a total of and a quarter million emigrants are 2,616,731, no less than 2,393,803 went expected this year, and probably a hunthere. In 1904, 26,085 went to Amer- dred thousand in Canada. The flow ica out of a total of 27,984. No trace elsewhere consists only of a few thouof additional power has this added to sands here and there, scarcely worth Germany. On the contrary, it is all her considering. What this means may loss and all America's gain. Germans be inferred from there being already in cease to be German and become natu- America, according to the 1900 census, ralized Americans.

twenty-six millions of German descent, To show to what lengths baseless merged or steadily merging in the domfears can lead their victims when this inant American English-speaking type, cry of “Wolf!" is raised, we give the all traces of German origin rapidly fadfigures of German emigration to Amer- ing away.

So with other lands. All ica, Brazil, and all other South Ameri- lose their emigrants. Britain only can countries for the past seven years: transplants hers, hence the certain su

premacy of the English-speaking race Number of Emigrants in recent years to

at no distant date, because it is not United Brazil All other Total

only keeping its own increase, but abS.A.States

sorbing the emigrants of other races as 1898 18,563 821 1,139 22,221 1899 19,806

997 29,323 well. 1900 19,703

22,309 1901 19,912 402


Meanwhile the Briton who dreads

22,073 1902 29,211


either Russian "wolf" in India or else33,649

36,310 1904 26,085

27,984 where, or the German “Wolf” on Sea,

or in Colonial Empire, or in Shipping, Let us repeat, Germany, fortunately is the victim of imaginary fears. No for herself, has not surplus people to danger is to be apprehended from colonize any part of the world. What either, even if his navy were much less she has go to America to friends, about powerful and his army were considtwenty to thirty thousand a year, and erably reduced. only a few scattering hundreds to other

Andrew Carnegie. countries.

Skibo Castle: June 10, 1906. The Nineteenth century and After.





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