Rejected Addresses, Or, The New Theatrum Poetarum

Front Cover
J. Miller, 1812 - 127 pages

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Page 54 - Mid blazing beams and scalding streams, Through fire and smoke he dauntless broke Where Muggins broke before. But sulphury stench and boiling drench Destroying sight o'erwhelmed him quite, He sunk to rise no more. Still o'er his head, while Fate he braved, His whizzing water-pipe he waved ; " Whitford and Mitford, ply your pumps, You, Clutterbuck, come, stir your stumps, Why are you in such doleful dumps ? A fireman, and afraid of bumps ! — What are they fear'd on ? fools, 'od rot 'em ! " Were...
Page 7 - Well, after many a sad reproach, They got into a hackney coach, And trotted down the street. I saw them go : one horse was blind, The tails of both hung down behind, Their shoes were on their feet.
Page 76 - MY pensive Public, wherefore look you sad? I had a grandmother, she kept a donkey To carry to the mart her crockery ware, And when that donkey look'd me in the face, His face was sad ! and you are sad, my Public ! Joy should be yours : this tenth day of October Again assembles us in Drury Lane.
Page 8 - tis like a town ! The carpet, when they lay it down, Won't hide it, I'll be bound ; And there's a row of lamps ! — my eye How they do blaze ! I wonder why They keep them on the ground.
Page 2 - Buonaparte, fill'd with deadly ire, Sets, one by one, our playhouses on fire ; Some years ago he pounced with deadly glee on The Opera House, then burnt down the Pantheon ; Nay, still unsated, in a coat of flames, Next at Millbank he crossed the river Thames : Thy hatch, O halfpenny ! pass'd in a trice, Boil'd some black pitch, and burnt down Astley's twice...
Page 52 - Exchange, where old insurers run, The Eagle, where the new; With these came Rumford, Bumford, Cole, Robins from Hockley in the Hole, Lawson and Dawson, cheek by jowl, Crump from St. Giles's Pound : Whitford and Mitford...
Page 104 - While gradual parties fill our widen'd pit, And gape, and gaze, and wonder, ere they sit. At first, while vacant seats give choice and ease, Distant or near, they settle where they please ; But when the multitude contracts the span, And seats are rare, they settle where they can. Now the full benches, to late comers doom No room for standing, miscall'd standing room. Hark ! the check-taker moody silence breaks, And bawling
Page 54 - To succour one they loved so well ? Yes, Higginbottom did aspire (His fireman's soul was all on fire) His brother chief to save ; But ah ! his reckless generous ire Served but to share his grave ! 'Mid blazing beams and scalding streams, Through fire and smoke he dauntless broke Where Muggins broke before.
Page 51 - The engines thundered through the street, Firehook, pipe, bucket, all complete, And torches glared, and clattering feet Along the pavement paced. And one, the leader of the band, From Charing Cross along the Strand, Like stag by beagles hunted hard, Ran till he stopped at Vin'gar Yard.
Page 103 - ... impunity, and the catastrophe I relate would not have occurred. The line of handkerchiefs formed to enable him to recover his loss is purposely so crossed in texture and materials as to mislead the reader in respect to the real owner of any one of them. For in the...

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