Annual Report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the State of the Finances for the Year ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1900
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TABLE E Statement showing the purchase and redemption of bonds
TABLE F Sinkingfund account for fiscal year 1899
TABLE J Statement of the net disbursements by warrants during
Statement of expenditures of the United States from March
TABLE N Statement of United States bonds and other obligations received
Revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year 1899 as shown by war
Receipts and disbursements of each kind of money on all accounts
Assets and liabilities of the Treasury offices June 30 1899
United States notes Treasury notes and nationalbank notes in
Assets of the Treasury other than gold silver notes and certificates
Liabilities of the Treasury at the end of each month from June
United States notes of each denomination issued redeemed and out
Treasury notes of 1890 of each denomination issued redeemed
Silver certificates of each denomination issued redeemed and out
Amount of United States notes Treasury notes and gold silver
Amount of paper currency of each denomination outstanding at
United States paper currency outstanding at the close of each fiscal
United States notes Treasury notes and nationalbank notes out
Estimated stock of all kinds of money at the end of each month from
United States notes Treasury notes and nationalbank notes in cir
Estimated amount of all kinds of money in circulation at the end
Changes in the volume of money in circulation from internal expan
United States notes and Treasury notes redeemed in gold and imports
Amount of each kind of money used in settlement of clearinghouse
Fractional silver coin of each denomination in each office of the Treas

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Page 393 - That the total liabilities to any association, of any person, or of any company, corporation, or firm for money borrowed, including in the liabilities of a company or firm the liabilities of the several members thereof, shall at no time exceed one-tenth part of the amount of the capital stock of such association actually paid in...
Page 450 - In such property shall be the brother or sister of the father or mother or a descendant of a brother or sister of the father or mother of the decedent, at the rate of three per centum of the clear value of sucli Interest In such property.
Page 447 - ... all mixtures and compounds of tallow, beef fat, suet, lard, lard oil, vegetable oil, annatto, and other coloring matter, intestinal fat, and offal fat made in imitation or semblance of butter, or when so made, calculated or intended to be sold as butter or for butter.
Page 450 - State banking association, and also every national banking association, shall pay a like tax of 10 per centum on the amount of notes of any person, firm, association other than a national banking association, or of any corporation. State bank, or State banking association, or of any town, city, or municipal corporation, used for circulation and paid out by them.
Page 447 - States, and on all liquors, not made from grapes, currants, rhubarb, or berries grown in the United States, but produced by being rectified or mixed with distilled spirits or by the infusion of any matter in spirits, to be sold as wine, or as a substitute for wine...
Page cii - That upon the passage of this act the balances standing with the Treasurer of the United States to the respective credits of national banks for deposits made to redeem the circulating notes of such banks, and all deposits thereafter received for like purpose, shall be covered into the Treasury as a miscellaneous receipt, and the...
Page xlvi - That in every case where an alien is excluded from admission into the United States, under any law or treaty now existing or hereafter made...
Page 448 - Upon each sale, agreement of sale, or agreement to sell, any products or merchandise at any exchange, or board of trade, or other similar place, either for present or future delivery, for each $100 in value of said sale or agreement of sale or agreement to sell...
Page cii - ... shall be receivable for customs, taxes, and all public dues, and when so received may be reissued ; and such notes, when held by any national banking association, may be counted as a part of its lawful reserve.
Page 233 - That the value of foreign coin as expressed in the money of account of the United States shall be that of the pure metal of such coin of standard value...

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