Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences, Volume 1

Front Cover
Charles Eucharist de Medicis Sajous
F.A. Davis, 1890
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Page 36 - Report for 1886 and the annual report of the Sanitary Commissioner with the Government of India for 1887.
Page 6 - The following conclusions were presented: 1, and emphatically, that milk from cows affected with tuberculosis in any part of the body may contain the virus of the disease ; 2, that the virus is present, whether there is disease of the udder or not; 3, that there is no ground for the assertion that there must be a lesion of the udder...
Page 7 - At autopsy there was found a large aneurism of the ascending and transverse portions of the arch of the aorta communicating by a small opening with the superior vena cava.
Page 7 - The owner of a valuable herd of cows, finding that a large proportion of them were tuberculous, so large a proportion indeed as strongly to suggest infection by association in the sheds, withdrew his milk from the market and used it, unfortunately without boiling, for fattening his pigs, of which he has a large number and on which he prides himself not less than on his cows. The result has been that the pigs have, almost without exception, been affected with the disease to an extent that has necessitated...
Page 26 - Obstinate constipation for several days is the rule, but diarrhoea sometimes occurs. If the case does not end fatally in the course of a few days, recovery is possible, or a recurrence of the symptoms in a milder form takes place, and the characteristics of a subacute peritonitis are developed. Diagnosis. — The symptoms are essentially those of a peritonitis beginning in the epigastrium and occurring suddenly, during ordinary health, without obvious cause. The diagnosis, therefore, is based on...
Page 43 - ... transporting infectious agents, may be played by those substances or media with which we necessarily come into intimate contact, such as the air, the ground, the water and our food. It is universally admitted that many infectious agents may be transported by the air, but the extent of danger from this source has often been exaggerated. It is a popular error to suppose that most of the minute particles of dust in the air either are or contain living organisms. The methods for determining the number...
Page 44 - On the third day the diarrhoea and the pain were generally arrested, and during the next day or two the stools assumed their ordinary character. It was found advisable to continue to give small doses for some time longer.
Page 80 - The author makes a brief summary of his conclusions as follows: 1. Cancer is more frequently found in the mediastinal spaces than any other morbid process. 2. Abscess is the morbid process next in frequency of occurrence. 3. Sarcoma occupies the third position as to frequency of occurrence.

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