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Coughs, Influenza.-The soothing properties of these medica-

ments render them well worthy of trial in all diseases of the respiratory
organs. In common colds and influenza the Pills, taken internally, and
the Ointment rubbed over the chest and throat, are exceedingly effi-
cacious. When influenza is epidemic, this treatment is the easiest.
safest, and surest. Holloway's Pills purify the blood, remove all
obstacles to its free circulation through the lungs, relieve the engorged
air tubes, and render respiration free, without reducing the strength,
irritating the nerves, or depressing the spirits; such are the surest
means of saving suffering when any one is afflicted with colds, coughs,
bronchitis, and other chest complaints, by which so many persons are
seriously and permanently afflicted in most countries.

QUERIES:-Courier-Scotch Betrothal Customs-Basse's
Polyhymnia'-The Shilling in the Fourteenth Century-
Fawler-Lancashire Pedigrees-Soul: Soal-Earl of Mul-
grave-Water-Colour Drawing - John Pigott-Romney's
Circe,' 7-Judith Howard-Son of Queen Elizabeth-

Clarinda-James, Earl of Derwentwater-Hodges-Wind- Ffrance

mills-Scottish Clans - Serjeants-at-Arms-Hungarian George

Patriots, 8-Barton-"Devil's Books "-Motto-National Henry

Flags Sir Purbeck Temple-Hymns Ancient and

Modern'-Authors Wanted, 9.

REPLIES:-Miserere Carvings, 9-Sir John Graham
Anointing, 11-"Bone said "-Cromwell in Fiction, 12-
Wittewronge Baronetcy - Boleyn - Sculptured_ House
Signs-Astry: Estridge-City de Mendoza, 13-Burns-
"Courage of one's opinions "Lord Bateman'-Hexham
-Surnames-Saffron, 14-Instrumental Choir-"St. Al-
ban's Tavern "-"Boot and Saddle"-"For he's a jolly
good fellow," 15-Paganism in Brittany-Churchmen in
Battle- - Monk, Duke of Albemarle, 16- Elephants of
Pyrrhus-Clan Chattan, 17-W. Sulbury-Author Wanted
Miss A. R. Laidlaw-The Young Pretender-Union Jack
-No Judge sits on a Good Friday-Blethyn ap Confyn, 18.
NOTES ON BOOKS:-Ramsay's Lancaster and York'-
Mac Donald's Cabinet of Gems'-Aitken's Poems of
Andrew Marvel'- Round's 'Geoffrey de Mandeville'-
Stuart's 'Literary Shrines of Yorkshire.'

Notices to Correspondents.

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In all twenty names.
In the previous century we had the form
Phillippe as a male name, we now have Phillip as
a female name.

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