Olympia Morata: Her Life and Times

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Sabbath School Society, 1846 - 234 pages

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Page 148 - So fades a summer cloud away; So sinks the gale when storms are o'er; So gently shuts the eye of day; So dies a wave along the shore.
Page 192 - In these cells we found the remains of some who had paid the debt of nature ; some of them had been dead apparently but a short time, while of others, nothing remained but their bones, still chained to the floor of their dungeon.
Page 177 - ... At Rome some are every day burnt, hanged, or beheaded: all the prisons and places of confinement are filled, and they are obliged to build new ones. That large city cannot furnish gaols for the numbers of pious persons who are continually apprehended. A distinguished person, named Carnesecchi, formerly ambassador to the duke of Tuscany, has been committed to the flames. Two persons of still greater distinction, baron Bernardo di Angole, and count di Petigliano, a genuine and brave Roman, are...
Page 78 - ... that, in the midst of my long-continued and severe affliction, I have found some kind friends; and I thank you, my dearest brother, for the tender interest you have taken in my welfare. But as for me, God has bestowed on me that knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ which assures me that I am not in...
Page 188 - Inquisitor general, followed by the father confessors in their priestly robes, all came out of their rooms, as we were making our way into the interior of the Inquisition, and with long faces and their arms crossed over their breasts...
Page 188 - ... poured upon them from the walls. Presently the walls began to tremble, a breach was made, and the imperial troops rushed into the Inquisition. Here we met with an incident which nothing but Jesuitical effrontery is equal to. The...
Page 142 - O let all you do be directed to its advantage. Farewell, excellent Celio, and do not distress yourself when you hear of my death; for I know that I shall be victorious at last, and am desirous to depart and be with Christ.
Page 141 - I wept for joy. May God long preserve you to be a blessing to his church ! It grieves me much to hear of the indisposition of your daughter ; but I comfort myself with the hopes you entertain of her recovery. " As to myself, my dear Celio, I must inform you that there are no hopes of my surviving long.
Page 142 - My husband sends his compliments to you. Salute your family in my name. I send you such of the poems as I have been able to write out from memory since the destruction of Schweinfurt.
Page 53 - I will do what you ask willingly, and shortly, although I might refer you to George Hermann, who knows her well. Her father was Fulvio Morata, a native of Mantua, a man famous for learning and probity, with whom I was very intimate. I have heard her at court declaiming in Latin, speaking Greek, and answering questions, as well as any of the females among the ancients could have done. Do not feel a doubt respecting the Sapphic ode, written in Greek, in which she celebrates the praises of the Most...

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