The Homeopathic Eye, Ear, and Throat Journal, Volume 13

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Page 117 - THE STUDENT'S MEDICAL DICTIONARY. INCLUDING ALL THE WORDS AND PHRASES GENERALLY USED IN MEDICINE, WITH THEIR PROPER PRONUNCIATION AND DEFINITIONS, BASED ON RECENT MEDICAL LITERATURE. With Tables of the Bacilli, Micrococci, Leukomains, Ptomains, etc., of the Arteries, Muscles, Nerves, Ganglia, and Plexuses; Mineral Springs of the US, etc.
Page 44 - A homeopathic physician is one who adds to his knowledge of medicine a special knowledge of homeopathic therapeutics and observes the Law of Similia. All that pertains to the great field of medical learning is his, by tradition, by inheritance, by right.
Page 129 - Thick tenacious mucus in the throat, obliging him to hawk. Rawness, soreness and scraping in the throat. Sensation as if a splinter were lodged in the throat when swallowing, breathing or moving the neck. Uvula and fauces dark red.
Page 321 - He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool — shun him...
Page 166 - PARAFFIN IN SURGERY. A critical and clinical study by Wm. H. Luckett, MD, Attending Surgeon Harlem Hospital, Surgeon to the Mt. Sinai Hospital Dispensary of New York, and Frank I.
Page 205 - ... matters of Medicine and Surgery; it is neither narrow nor dogmatic in its tenets, philosophy or practice ; it is broad and liberal in an honest and homeopathic way, and it extends a hearty welcome to every homeopathic physician, promising a fair equivalent for his time, attendance and attention. For it stands to reason that the annual mingling of the most advanced men and women in the school — the teachers, authors, writers, editors, practitioners and specialists — must make for the betterment...
Page 52 - I do not hesitate to contend that we have, in the power of raising the anti-bacterial power of the blood with respect to any invading microbe, out of all comparison the most valuable asset in medicine.
Page 163 - The secretary will gratefully receive and acknowledge any reprints, reports, pamphlets — or personal communications bearing on the causes and prevention of blindness. More especially, information is sought on the following points: Congenital Blindness: Its causes, the influence of heredity, consanguinity, etc. The reports of cases of blind parents producing blind children, character of blindness in such cases, and any other material facts relating to this phase of the topic.
Page 206 - Kinne, of Doughty, of Dudley, and the many other famous men and women who have gone before, still lives; it keeps abreast of the day. It especially welcomes the younger and newer members of the profession who bring the latest and best from the schools together with their enthusiasm and younger blood. From all parts of the habitable globe came testimony at our Atlantic City sessions of the admirable status of homeopathy everywhere. The bureaux and allied societies are sending in programs from which...
Page 432 - It then gives off an internal and an external branch, and continues as the anterior or terminal branch. The internal or septal branch supplies the anterior part of the septum. The external branch supplies the anterior portion of the middle and inferior turbinated bodies and the mucous membrane of the outer nasal wall. The anterior or terminal branch runs downward in the groove on the...

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