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666. Veterans' pension act of 1959.

667. Amending definition of term Child in veterans laws.

668. Additional funds for committee work.

669. Setting aside certain lands in Washington for Indians of Quinault Tribe.

670. Improving land tenure patterns on Fort Belknap Reservation.

671. Declaring that United States holds title to certain lands in trust for White

Mountain Apache Tribe, Ariz.

672. Providing certain funds of Confederated Bands of Ute Indians be credited
to Ute Mountain Tribe of Ute Mountain Reservation, Colo.

673. Authorizing payment to U.S. Treasury of Panama Canal emergency fund,

and providing borrowing authority.

674. Amending Uniform narcotics drug act of D.C., to permit paregoric to be

dispensed by oral as well as written prescription.

675. Exempting certain pension and employee trusts from laws of D.C. relating

to perpetuities, etc.

676. Amending Act to incorporate St. Ann's Infant Asylum, in District of Co-
lumbia, approved Mar. 3, 1863, as amended.

677. Prohibit examination in D.C. courts of any minister of religion regarding
communications made to him in his professional capacity without con-
sent of persons involved.

678. Conveyance of certain real property to Association of Oldest Inhabitants

of D.C.

679. Authorizing persons maintaining or defending actions in D.C. on behalf of
minor to give release of liability, and requiring receivers of money or
property in such action to be appointed guardian.

680. Extending jurisdiction of domestic relations branch in municipal court to

cover adjudication of property rights in D.C.

681. Authorizing American Society of International Law to use certain real

estate in D.C. as national headquarters.

682. Providing for licensing of public insurance adjusters in District of Columbia.
683. Providing for bonding of persons licensed to engage in business, trade, pro-
fession, or calling involving collection of money for others.

684. Providing for regulation of closing-out and fire sales in District of Columbia.

685. Extending validity of passport to 3 years.

690. New pre-grant procedure, amendment to Communications Act of 1934.

691. Communications amendment, clarifying regulatory authority.

692. Redefining duties of FCC review staff.

693. Repeal of provision permitting FCC Commissioners to accept honorarium.

694. Public buildings act of 1959.

695. Authorizing acquisition of land for donation to Pan American Health
Organization as headquarters site.

696. Designating dam and reservoir to be constructed on Pound River in Dick-
enson Co., Va., as John W. Flannagan Dam and Reservoir.

697. Validating and confirming contract entered into between United States

and Bridgeport, Wash.

698. Designating Petaluma Creek in California as Petaluma River.

699. Designating Coyote Valley Reservoir in California as Lake Mendocino.

700. Authorizing exchange of certain lands in Arlington County, Va.

701. Repealing act creating Louisiana-Vicksburg Bridge Commission.

702. Designating Green Peter Dam and Reservoir in Oregon as Douglas McKay

Dam and Reservoir.

703. Interpretation of Rural electrification act of 1936.

704. Extension of International wheat agreement act of 1949.

705. Clarifying Black bass act.

706. Use of certified mail by Federal Aviation Agency.

707. Conservation of fish in dam reservoirs.

708. Research and studies on insecticides.

709. Providing for establishment of National Wildlife Disease Laboratory.

710. Orangeburg County, S.C., fish hatchery.

711. Providing for conveyance of certain real property to Fort Walton Beach,


712. To permit applications for moving costs resulting from military public

works projects to be filed within 1 year following date of vacating


713. Relating to conveyance of certain U.S. property to Valparaiso, Fla.

714. Authorizing Secretary of Navy to transfer to Massachusetts Port Authority

certain lands in exchange for other lands.

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