The recess; or, A tale of other times, by the author of The chapter of accidents, Volume 3

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Page 176 - I pnrfued my tafk a long while, when the time confpired with the orders of the queen to produce a filence fo profound, that had not her...
Page 176 - Queen to produce a filence fo profound, that had not her ftarts now and then recalled my fenfes, hardly could my half-clofed eyes have difcerned •the pages over which they wandered.— The door flew fuddenly open— a form fo fair — fo fragile — fo calamitous appeared there, that hardly durft my beating heart call it Ellinor.
Page 147 - Find tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, Sermons in stones, and good in every thing.
Page 340 - Whom do live the fpirits of juft men made perfeft, after they are delivered from their earthly prifons ; We humbly commend the foul of this Thy fervant, our dear brother, into Thy hands, as into the hands of a Faithful Creator, and moft Merciful Saviour ; moft humbly befeeching Thee, that it may be precious in Thy fight.
Page 179 - Oh! what a •world of woe was drawn tip in a fingle breath! — The long filence which followed, induced the Queen once more to raife her head — the fame fad object met her eyes, with this difference, that the fweet creature now ftood up again, and putting one white hand...
Page 181 - I love 5 yet there muft be fome little unknown corner in this world, one might call her grave, if one could but tell where to find it : there me refts at laft with her Leicefter — he was your favorite too — a bloody, bloody, diftinction.
Page 179 - I do not mind how you have me murdered, but let me be buried in Fotheringay ; and be fure I have women to attend me — fa fure of that — you know the reafon.
Page 24 - ... for me. Ah man, happy man! how superior are you in the indulgence of nature! blest with scientific resources, with boldness, and an activity unknown to more persecuted woman; from your various disappointments in life ever spring forth some vigorous and blooming hope, insensibly staunching those wounds in the heart through which the vital powers of the feebler sex bleed helplessly away...
Page 181 - O ! how thofe artificial locks, and all your paintings, fickened him ! — How have we laughed at fuch prepofterous folly ! — But I have done with laugh* ing now— we will talk of graves, and fhrouds, and churchyards.

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