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The Paris correspondent of the New York Kspresi gives the fol-
loming account of a valuable discovery, destined to effect a great
amelioration in the treatment of ulcers, abcesses, flesh wounds,
At the last sitting of the Academy of Sciences, the celebrated
Dr. Velpeau demanded permission to make an important communication,
and announced that two young practitioners in question,
Messrs. Corme and Demeaux, had paid him a visit for the purpose
of presenting to his notice their discovery and explaining to him
its results. Messrs. Corme and Demeaux have found a process for
the complete and instantaneous disinfection of animal matter. The
action of the disinfecting agent arrests the progress of decomposition,
and effectually prevents the generation of insecte. The substance,
prepared for use, costs here about one franc for a hundred pounds,
and the expense in America would probably be still less. The following
is the formula, as given by the inventors themselves : Plaster of
commerce, reduced to fine powder, 100 parts ; coal tar, one to three
parts. The mixture of the two substances is effected with ease by
the aid of a mortar, or by any other appropriate mechanical means.
The application of this composition to the dressing of sores and
wounds requires a particular preparation. A certain quantity of
the powder, prepared according to the formula; is diluted with olive
oil to the consistency of a paste or ointment. This species of paste
or salve is of a dark brown color, has a slightly bituminous odor,
and may be kept in a closed jar for an indefinite period. The oil
unites the powder without dissolving it, and the composition has the
property of absorbing infectious liquids the instant it is applied to
the sore which produces them. The application may be mediate or
immediate. In the latter case, that is to say, placing the composition
directly in contact with the sore, no pain whatever is produced ;
on the contrary, the salve has a decisive action, cleanses the sore and
favors cicatrization."

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