New National Third Reader

Front Cover
American Book Company, 1884 - 240 pages

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Page 140 - A FAIR little girl sat under a tree Sewing as long as her eyes could see ; Then smoothed her work and folded it right, And said, " Dear work, goodnight, goodnight ! ' Such a number of rooks came over her head, Crying " Caw, caw ! " on their way to bed, She said, as she watched their curious flight, " Little black things, good night, good night ! ' The horses neighed, and the oxen lowed, The sheep's "Bleat!
Page 141 - Though she saw him there like a ball of light; For she knew he had God's time to keep All over the world, and never could sleep.
Page 155 - The leaves are fading and falling, The winds are rough and wild, The birds have ceased their calling, But let me tell you, my child, Though day by day as it closes, Doth darker and colder grow, The roots of the bright red roses Will keep alive in the snow.
Page 207 - With hand on the spade and heart in the sky, Dress the ground, and till it ; Turn in the little seed, brown and dry, Turn out the golden millet. Work, and your house shall be duly fed; Work, and rest shall be won ; I hold that a man had better be dead Than alive, when his work is done...
Page 130 - You're nicer in your own bright gown ; The little children love you; Be the best buttercup you can, And think no flower above you.
Page 150 - Standing in the center of the town, as far as the eye can reach, nothing is to be seen but heaps of rubbish, tall dreary chimneys and shattered brick walls, while 'in the hollow windows, dreary horror's sitting.
Page 129 - Down in a field, one day in June, The flowers all bloomed together, Save one, who tried to hide herself, And drooped that pleasant weather. A robin, who had flown too high, And felt a little lazy, Was resting near a buttercup Who wished she were a daisy. For daisies grew so trig and tall! She always had a passion For wearing frills around her neck, In just the daisies
Page 21 - O what a pretty, shining web It was when it was done ! The little flies all came to see It hanging in the sun.
Page 223 - Shadow and shelter for wandering herds, Home for a hundred singing birds. Little by little the great rocks grew, Long, long ago, when the world was new ; Slowly and silently, stately and free, Cities of coral under the sea Little by little are builded, while so The new years come and the old years go. Little by little all tasks are done ; So are the crowns of the faithful won, So is heaven in our hearts begun. With work and with weeping, with laughter and play, Little by little, the longest day And...
Page 36 - TWO little kittens, one stormy night, Began to quarrel and then to fight ; One had a mouse, the other had none, And that was the way the quarrel begun. " I'll have that mouse," said the bigger cat. " You'll have that mouse ? We'll see about that." " I will have that mouse,

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