The modern theatre; a collection of successful modern plays selected by mrs. Inchbald, Volume 7

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Page 242 - Clumsy, lives within a quarter of a mile of this place, in a lonely old house, which nobody comes near. She never goes abroad, nor sees company at home ; to prevent all misfortunes, she has her breeding within doors ; the parson of the parish teaches her to play upon the dulcimer, the clerk to sing, her nurse to dress, and her father to dance...
Page 271 - ... the guts, to put an end to your pain. But I will disappoint you in both your designs ; far, with the temper of a philasapher, and the discretion of a statesman — I shall leave the room with my sword in the scabbard.
Page 276 - Look you, Amanda, you may build castles in the air, and fume, and fret, and grow thin and lean, and pale and ugly, if you please. But I tell you, no man worth having is true to his wife, or can be true to his wife, or ever was, or ever will be so.
Page 281 - I would not care if he was hang'd, so I were but once married to him. No, that which pleases me is to think what work I'll make when I get to London ; for when I am a wife and a lady both, 'ecod, I'll flaunt it with the best of 'em.
Page 257 - Most certainly, madam. There is my Lady Tattle, my Lady Prate, my Lady Titter, my Lady Sneer, my Lady Giggle, and my Lady Grin — these have boxes in the front, and while any favourite air is singing, are the prettiest company in the waurld, stap my vitals ! — Mayn't we hope for the honour to see you added to our society, madam ? v Aman. Alas ! my lord, I am the worst company in the \ world at a concert, I'm so apt to attend to the music.
Page 256 - To mind the inside of a book is to entertain one's self with the forced product of another man's brain. Now I think a man of quality and breeding may be much amused with the natural sprouts of his own.
Page 254 - Will you then make no difference, Amanda, between the language of our sex and yours? There is a modesty restrains your tongues, which makes you speak by halves when you commend; but roving flattery gives a loose to ours, which makes us still speak double what we think: you should not therefore in so strict a sense take what I said to her advantage.
Page 272 - I was debating, madam, whether I was so or not, and that was it which made me look so thoughtful.
Page 301 - Tun. Yes, marry, did I, and my Lord Foppington is come down, and shall marry my daughter before she's a day older. Lord Fop.
Page 247 - Ay, but you are not so good a judge of those things as I am — I have studied them all my life — therefore pray let the next be the thickness of a crown-piece less.

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