Marvelous Evidence, Or, A Witness from the Grave: A Psychological Study : a True Narrative of Thrilling Interest, Astounding Incident and Climax

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T.H. Bates, 1897 - 183 pages

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Page 177 - By the apostle Paul, shadows to-night Have struck more terror to the soul of Richard, Than can the substance of ten thousand soldiers, Armed in proof, and led by shallow Richmond.
Page 169 - Though thy slumber may be deep, , Yet thy spirit shall not sleep ; There are shades which will not vanish, There are thoughts thou canst not banish...
Page 15 - To the land of the brave and the home of the free !" Fifty-five Whites and seventy-three Blacks lost their lives in the Southampton rebellion.
Page 172 - I followed the man down stairs, and saw him spring the night latch and pass into the street. Then I awoke; that is, my body did, and the other one of me that was watching all the time disappeared. My first concern was for my valuables, which were found as I had left them on retiring. But the dream had so impressed me that I conld not rid myself of its ominous character.
Page 176 - BATES." It will be noticed that in both instances related above the mind shadowed forth what was to take place in the future, while in the case of Mr. Bates a pantomime was enacted over his sleeping body so weird that the recollection of the demoniacal face led to the arrest of a criminal. These illustrations, while inconclusive in themselves, and wanting in...
Page 175 - I knew it would be folly for me to base a charge on the strength of my evidence, as far as I was concerned. But the party with whom the burglar had the encounter was found, and identified the robber as the one with whom he had the affray. The chipped 'nail was in evidence and played its part; but the delays of the law...
Page 181 - ... were killed, twenty minutes after, in the woods, one shot through the breast and the other in the groin, just as had been foretold in the dream. More than fifty men, it is said, were witnesses of the truth of this statement. The night before the cavalry fight at Brandy Station, a trooper who slept as he jogged along in the column, dreamed that a certain captain in his regiment would be unhorsed in a fight the next day, and while rising from his fall would be wounded in his left knee. He told...
Page 176 - These illustrations, while inconclusive in themselves, and wanting in many particulars which the exact scientist or the mind trained properly to weigh evidences could desire, are valuable when taken with other similar experiences, many of which complement them by furnishing the evidential elements absent in these cases. As I have before stated, we are blazing a way through a forest as yet little traveled; the trees we mark will be oT value to those who some day will build a noble highway.
Page 183 - ... the action, and would almost immediately mount a dark bay horse with a white nose. Within five minutes both horse and rider would be killed by a shell. This dream was related to more than a score of comrade* fully two days before the fight. Early in the action the sergeant's horse was struck square in the forehead by a bullet, and dropped dead in his tracks. It was scarcely three minutes before a white-nosed horse, carrying a bloodstained saddle, galloped up to the sergeant and halted. He remembered...

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