The Oriental Rug Book

Front Cover
F.A. Stokes Company, 1904 - 310 pages

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Page 83 - A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind -- from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages.
Page 234 - The embodied spirit has a thousand heads, A thousand eyes, a thousand feet, around On every side enveloping the earth, Yet filling space no larger than a span. He is himself this very universe; He is whatever is, has been, and shall be; He is the lord of immortality.
Page xvii - I see male and female everywhere, I see the serene brotherhood of philosophs, I see the constructiveness of my race, I see the results of the perseverance and industry of my race, I see ranks, colors, barbarisms, civilizations, I go among them, I mix indiscriminately, And I salute all the inhabitants of the earth.
Page 280 - There is no God but God,* one holding the rosary and counting each repetition. After each thousand they sometimes rest, and take coffee ; then 100 times, ' (I extol) the perfection of God with his praise:' then the same number of times, ' I beg forgiveness of God the great...
Page 248 - Is exchanged for a body ethereal and bright, That is seen from afar to be glowing with light. Happy they who to that joyful region have gone, In numberless kalpas their time flows on ; Around are green woods, and above them clear skies, The sun never scorches, cold winds never rise, And summer and winter are both unknown In the land of the Law and the Diamond Throne.
Page 280 - This done, one of them asks his companions, " Have ye transferred [the merit of] what ye have recited to the soul of the deceased ? " They reply, " We have transferred it ; " and add, " And peace be on the Apostles,
Page 252 - The early cosmogonists enlarged upon the imaginary data of previous writers, and averred that there were four distinct kinds of dragons proper — the t'ien-lung or celestial dragon, which guards the mansions of the gods and supports them so that they do not fall; the...
Page 280 - God is one :' then recite the last chapter but one and the first, and then say three times, 'O God. favor the most excellent and most happy of thy creatures, our lord Mohammed, and his family and companions, and preserve them.' To this they add, 'All who commemorate thee are the mindful, and those who omit commemorating thee are the negligent.
Page 271 - Brahma, the first person in the Triad, or Trimurti, of the Hindus, which consists of Brahma the creator; Vishnu the preserver or redeemer; and Siva the destroyer. He is represented with four heads and as many arms, holding in his four hands a manuscript book containing a portion of the Vedas, a pot for holding water, a rosary, and a sacrificial spoon. The swan is consecrated to him and in the cave temple of Elephanta he is represented as sitting on a lotus, supported by five swans. He is the god...
Page xix - Tis but a Tent where takes his one day's rest A Sultan to the realm of Death addrest; The Sultan rises, and the dark Ferrash Strikes, and prepares it for another Guest.

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