Griffiths' Guide to the Iron Trade of Great Britain

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Griffith, 1873 - 315 pages
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Page 284 - Pendulum vibrating Seconds of Mean Time in the Latitude of London in a Vacuum at the Level of the Sea is in the proportion of Thirty-Six Inches to Thirty-Nine Inches and one thousand three hundred and ninety-three ten-thousandth Parts of an Inch...
Page 284 - One thousand eight hundred and twenty five, the Standard Measure of Capacity, as well for Liquids as for dry Goods not measured by Heaped Measure, shall be the Gallon., containing Ten Pounds Avoirdupois Weight of distilled Water weighed in Air, at the Temperature of Sixty two Degrees of Fahrenheit's Thermometer, the Barometer being at...
Page 284 - Majesty to inquire into the subject of weights and measures, that a cubic inch of distilled water weighed in air by brass weights at the temperature of 62 degrees of Fahrenheit's thermometer, the barometer being at 30 inches, is equal to 252 grains, and 456 thousandth parts of a grain...
Page xxii - APPETITE, preserving a moderate state of the bowels, and dissolving uric acid in GRAVEL and GOUT; also as an easy remedy for SEA SICKNESS, and for the febrile affection incident to childhood it is invaluable.
Page 306 - The distance between the supports of a beam of Riga fir is 16 feet, and the weight it must be capable of sustaining in the middle of its length is 8000 Ibs., with a deflection of not more than...
Page 303 - If a beam be supported at both ends and loaded in the miMle, its length being I — 2 c, its proof deflection is the same with that of a beam of the same transverse dimensions and of the length c, fixed at one end and loaded at the other ; and its proof load is double of that of the latter beam ; therefore its resilience is double of that of the latter...
Page xxii - SICKNESS, and for the febrile affection incident to childhood it is invaluable,— On the value of Magnesia as a remedial agent it is unnecessary to enlarge ; but the Fluid Preparation of Sir James Murray is now the most valued by the profession, as it entirely avoids the possibility of those dangerous concretions usually resulting from the use of the article in powder.
Page 306 - Divide the weight to be supported, in Ibs., by the tabular value of E, multiplied by the breadth and deflection, both in inches; and the cube root of the quotient, multiplied by the length in feet, equal the depth required in inches.
Page 303 - TRANSVERSE STRENGTH OF BEAMS, BARS, &c. If a beam be supported at both ends, and loaded in the middle, it will bend (which is called deflection) ; and if the load be increased, it will break (which is called fracture). — If a beam two inches deep and one inch broad support a given weight, another beam of the same depth, and double the breadth, will support double the weight ; hence...

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