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Duffy, The Ballad Poetry of Ireland.

Edited by C. G. Duffy, 173.
-English ArtistsPoems and Pictures, a

Collection of Ballads, Songs, and other
Poems, with one hundred illustrations

By English Artists, 498.
English Churchwomen of the Seventeenth

Century, 224.
English History for Children, 495.
Exeter-Eight Sermons preached during

the Visitation of the Diocese of Exeter,

ton. By the Rev. C. E. Kennaway,

M.A., 491.
Klose-Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart

(Count of Albany), commonly called the
Young Pretender, with Notices of the
Rebellion in 1745. By Charles Lewis
Klose, Esq., 210.

on wood.

Lempriere— Lectures upon the Collects.

By Francis D. Lempriere, M.A., 496.
Lever— The O‘Donoghue, a Tale of Ireland
fifty years ago. By Charles Lever, Esq.,

Lyell— Travels in North America; with

Geological Observations on the United
States, Canada, and Nova Scotia. By
Charles Lyell, &c., F.R.S., 72.

Faber-Eight Dissertations on certain

connected prophetical passages of Holy
Scripture, bearing more or less upon

promise of a mighty Deliverer. By

George Stanley Faber, B.D., 493.
Fürster— The Gospel Narrative, according

to the authorized Text of the Evange-
lists, fc. By the Rev. John Forster,
M.A., Her Majesty's Chaplain of the

Savoy, 497.
Fouqué- Minstrel Love, a Romance. From

the German of Fouqué, 225.
Fowle-Sermons. By the Rev. F.W.Fowle,


Mangan-German Anthology; a Series of

Translations from the most popular of
the German Poets. By James Clarence

Mangan, 222.
Martineau— Forest and Game Lau Tales.

By Harriet Martineau, 494.
Mill Sermons preached in Lent, 1845,

and on several former occasions, before
the University of Cambridge. By W.
H. Mill, D.D., Chaplain to the Arch-
bishop of Canterbury, 495.
MontgomeryIllustrations of the Law of

Kindness. By the Rev. G. W. Mont-
gomery, 218.
Murray, Ireland and her Church; in

three Parts. By the Very Rev. Richard
Murray, D.D., Dean of Ardagh, 24.

Girdlestone-Letters on the Unhealthy

Condition of the Lower Classes of
Dwellings, especially in large towns, fc.
By the Rev. Chas. Girdlestone, A.M.,

Rector of Alderley, 232.
Goode-Tract XC. historically refuted,

or a Reply to a work of the Rev. F.
Oakeley, entitled, The Suhject of Tract
Xc. historically examined.By Wm.
Goode, M.A., &c., 23).

National Club-General Statement of the

National Club, 475.
Newman-An Essay on the Development

of Christian Doctrine. By John Henry

Newman, 386.
Norton_An Attempt to Estimate the

Effects of Protecting Duties on the Pro-
fits of Agriculture. By Messrs. Norton
and Trimmer, 434.


Handbook for Travellers in Spain, and

Readers at Home, &c., 220.
Harrison-An Historical Enquiry into the

true interpretation of the Rubrics in the
Book of Common Prayer, respecting the
Sermon and the Communion Service.
By the Rev. Benjamin Harrison, M.A.,

Student of Christ Church, &c., 212.
HastingsParochial Sermons. By H.

James Hastings, M.A., 496.
Hawkins-Historical Notices of the Mis-

sions of the Church of England. By

Ernest Hawkins, B.D., 497.
Hill-The Tiara and the Turban ; or In-

pressions and Observations of Character
within the Dominions of the Pope and
the Sultan. By S. S. Hill, Esq., 213.


PagetThe Living and the Dead. Ser.

By Francis F. Paget, M. A., 496.
Patmore-Poems. London, 1845.

Coventry Patmore, 259.
Perceval-Plain Lectures on St. Matthew.

By the Hon. and Rev. C. G. Perceval,

Phillimore--Memoirs and Correspondence

of George Lord Lyttelton, from 1736 to
1743. Compiled and Edited Robert
Phillimore,late Student of Christ Church,

Kennaway-Sermons preached at Brigh-

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