The Mantle of Elijah

Front Cover
Harper, 1900 - 456 pages

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Page 179 - ... the brave and the free, The shrine of each patriot's devotion, A world offers homage to thee. Thy mandates make heroes assemble When Liberty's form stands in view; Thy banners make tyranny tremble When borne by the red, white and blue.
Page 290 - As Heaven and Earth are fairer, fairer far Than Chaos and blank Darkness, though once chiefs; And as we show beyond that Heaven and Earth In form and shape compact and beautiful, In will, in action free, companionship, And thousand other signs of purer life; So on our heels a fresh perfection treads, A power more strong in beauty, born of us And fated to excel us, as we pass In glory that old Darkness: nor are we Thereby more conquer'd, than by us the rule Of shapeless Chaos.
Page 367 - It is — last stage of all — When we are frozen up within, and quite The phantom of ourselves, To hear the world applaud the hollow ghost Which blamed the living man.
Page 356 - O Friend! I know not which way I must look For comfort, being, as I am, opprest, To think that now our Life is only drest For show; mean handy-work of craftsman, cook, Or groom!— We must run glittering like a Brook In the open sunshine, or we are unblest: The wealthiest man among us is the best: No grandeur now in nature or in book Delights us.
Page 109 - Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of the Lord ; but Baal's prophets are four hundred and fifty men.
Page 151 - ... was capable. Magnetically her noble aspirations seemed instantly conveyed to my own bosom ; and though Charlie was reading about Lady Dedlock, a theme which at any other time would have absorbed my attention, " the beating of my own heart was the only sound I heard.
Page 281 - However," he went on quickly, " Bagnell has got on without me; he has acquired several other press-organs since (detachable poisoned weapons very useful in his struggle for existence), and you see the result in this swelling of John Bull's veins and arteries. He itches for a second !Novabarbese war, to repair his magnanimity in not having annexed the whole country after the first. Ah, the mob ! It is a barrel-organ into which any air may be inserted. What tunes have I not heard it grinding out —...
Page 108 - Jerusalem, they should beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks : nation should not lift up sword against nation, neither should they learn war any more :
Page 261 - ... a heap, then they took the last pebble away, and asked you to explain why it had ceased to be a heap. The change in your husband was subtle, gradual. There was no moment in which you could cry convincingly,

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