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For remarkable Passages in the Criticisms, Extracts, Notices, and

Intelligence, see the Index at the end of the Volume.

Achilli-Dealings with the Inquisition; or,

Papal Rome, her Priests and her Jesuits; with Important Disclosures. By the Rev. Giacinto Achilli, D.D., late Prior and

Visitor of the Dominican Order, 322. Adult Evening Schools-4 Letter to the

Bishop of Norwich. By a Country

Curate, 221. Albertus Magnus The Treatise of,Of

Adhering to God.A translation from

the Latin, 214. Amari-History of the War of the Sicilian

Vespers. By Michele Amari. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by the

Earl of Ellesmere, 25. Ancient Coins and Medals-An Historical

Sketch of the Origin and Progress of Coining Money in Greece and the Colonies.

By Henry Noel Humphreys, 192. Anderson—" The Present Crisis ;" Four

Sermons. By the Rev. J. S. M. An

derson, 220. Angels Lectures on the Scripture Revela

tions respecting Good and Evil Angels.

By a Country Pastor, 212. “ Assertions not Proofs"-An Examina

tion of the Rev. D. Wilson's Appeal, 221. Auricular Confession--A Sermon. With

Notes and an Appendix. By W. F. Hook, D.D., Vicar of Leeds, 249.

Berens Twenty-three Short Lectures on

the Church Catechism. By Archdeacon

Berens, 207. Bishop of London, Charge of the, in 1842,

Bainbridge Smith - The Church in the

World; or, the Living among the Dead.
By the Rev. J. Bainbridge Smith, M.A.,
Vice-President of King's College, Nova

Scotia, 195.
BainesDanger to the Faith ;" a Ser-

mon at Haverstock-hill. By the Rev. J.

Baines, 220. Baker-A Plea for Romanizers," so

called. A Letter to the Bishop of London. By the Rev. Arthur Baker,

111. Beaven-Elements of Natural Theology.

By James Beaven, D.D., Professor of
Divinity in King's College, Toronto,

192. Bennett, Rev. W. J. E.-A Farewell

Letter to his Purishioners, 111.

111. Bishop of London, Charge of the, in No

vember, 1850, 111. Borrow-Lavengro: the Scholar, the

Gipsy, the Priest. By George Borrow.

Author of “The Bible in Spain," 362. Bosanquet—" Substance of a Speech at a

Public Meeting at Monmouth." By

Samuel Bosanquet, Esq., 220.
Butler-The Annals of Ireland by Friar

John Clyn, of the Convent of Friars
Minors, Kilkenny ; and Thady Dowling,
Chancellor of Leighlin. With Intro-
ductory Remarks. By the Very Rev.
Richard Butler, Dean of Clonmacnois,

282. Byam-Wild Life in the Interior of Central America. By George Byam, late Forty-third Light Infantry, 443.

Calendar of St. Augustine's College, the, 223. Calendar of the Anglican Church Ilus

trated, the ; with brief accounts of the Saints who have Churches dedicated in their names, or whose Images are most frequently met with in England; the Early Christian and Mediæval Symbols;

and an Index of Emblems, 185. Canary Islands-Notes of a Residence in

the,- in the South of Spain, and in Algiers ; Illustrative of the State of Religion in those Countries. By the Rev.

Thomas Debary, M.A., 411. Carter- A Letter to the Rev. J. F. Wil.

kinson, Priest of the Roman Catholic Chapel at Clewer, in answer to Remarks addressed by him to the Parishioners. By the Rev. T. T. Carter, Rector of

Clewer, 436. Carter-The Pattern showed on the Mount;

or, Thoughts of Quietness and Hope for the Church of England in her Latter Days. By the Rev. T. T. Carter, M.A.,

Rector of Clewer, Berks, 442. “Cautions for the Times," 220.

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Dodsworth-1 few Comments on Dr.

Pusey's Letter to the Bishop of London.

By William Dodsworth, M.A., 249. Dodsworth - Further Comments on Dr.

Pusey's Renewed Explanations. By

William Dodsworth, M.A., 249. Drummond-Speech of Henry Drummond,

Esq., M.P., in the House of Commons, on the Second Reading of the Ecclesiastical Titles Bill, 451.

Edwards-- A Letter to the London Union

on Church Matters. By the Rev. Edward Edwards, Rector of Penegoes, 219. Emancipator_" The Glorious Liberty of

the Children of God." By Emancipator,

219. Epistle to the Romans

- A Commentary on the ; with a New Translation and Explanatory Notes. By William Wi

thers Ewbank, M.A., 195. Ewbank- A Commentary on the Epistle of

Paul the Apostle to the Romans; with a New Translation, and Explanatory Notes. By. W.W. Ewbank, M.A., 195.

Faber--Papal Infallibility; a Letter to

Central America— Wild Life in the In

terior of. By George Byam, late Forty

third Light Infantry, 443. Chronological New Testament, the-In

which the Text of the Authorized Version is only divided into paragraphs and sections, with the dates and places of

transactions marked, &c., 211. Church-A Scripture Catechism upon the ;

wherein the Answers are in the Words

of the Bible, 184. Church in the World, the ; or, the Living

among the Dead. By the Rev. J. Bainbridge Smith, M.A., Vice-President of

King's College, Nova Scotia, 195. Classical Antiquities, the Museum of-A

Quarterly Journal of Architecture and the Sister Branches of Classic Art. No. I.

216. CollingwoodThe Church Apostolic, Primitive, and Anglican : a Series of Ser

By the Rev. John Collingwood, M.A., Minister of Duke-street Epis

copal Chapel, Westminster, 339. Cox-Biblical Commentary on St. Paul's

First and Second Epistles to the Corin-
thians. By Herman Olshausen, D.D.
Translated by the Rev. John Edmund

Cox, M.A., 202.
Cox-Poems, Legendary and Historical.

By Edward H. Freeman, M.A., and

the Rev. George W. Cox., S.C.L., 207. Coxe-- Thoughts on Important Church

Subjects : Seven Lectures. By R. C.
Coxe, M.A., Vicar of Newcastle-on-

Tyne, 216.
Cramp-A Text-Book of Popery: compris.

ing a Brief History of the Council of
Trent, and a Complete View of Roman
Catholic Theology. By J. M. Cramp,

D.D., 449.
Cultus Anime ; or, the Arraying of the

Soul : being Prayers and Meditations
which may be used in Church before and
after Service, adapted to the Days of the

Week, 184.
Cymry-Ecclesiastical Antiquities of the ;
or, the Ancient British Church ; its
History, Doctrine, and Rites. By the
Rev. John Williams, M.A., Perpetual
Curate of Nerquis, l.


the Dignitary of the Church of Rome, in
Reply to a Communication received from
him. By G. S. Faber, B.D., Master of

Sherborne Hospital, 217.
Faith and Practice; being Sunday Thoughts

in Verse. By a Country Curate, 194.
Family Almanac for 1851, 223.
Fisher--Two Sermons on Papal Aggression.

By the Rev. Osmond Fisher, 223. Flower-" The Prayers to be Said or

Sung." By the Rev. W. B. Flower, 221. Forbes---A Commentary on the Te Deum ;

chiefly from Ancient Sources. By A. P.

Forbes, D.C.L., Bishop of Brechin, 215.
Freeman--An Essay on the Origin and

Development of Window Tracery in
England: with nearly Four Hundred
Illustrations. By Edward A. Freeman,

M.A., 193.
Freeman-Poems, Legendary and His-

torical. By Edward H. Freeman, M.A.,
and the Rev. George W. Cox., S.C.L.,

D. C. L. Letters of; Reprinted from the

Morning Chronicle," 111. Debary-Notes of a Residence in the

Canary Islands, the States of Spain and
Algiers ; illustrative of the State of Re-
ligion in those Countries. By the Rev.

Thomas Debary, M.A., 411.
De Havilland—Rome's Outworks." By

the Rev. De Havilland, 220.

Gaussen—" It is Written ;" or, Every

Word and Expression contained in the
Scriptures proved to be from God.
From the French of Professor Gaussen,

Girdlestone-Scripture Polilics; a Sermon.

By the Rev. C. Girdlestone, 223. Gleadall-St. Paul's Prediction of the

Falling-away, and the Man of Sin:

1850.. By William Gilson Humphrey,

B.D., 250.
Hussey- The Rise of the Papal Power

Traced, in Three Lectures. By Robert
Hussey, B.D., Regius Professor of Ec-

clesiastical History, 199. Hymnarium Sarisburiense, cum Rubricis et

Notis Musicis, 207.

Ireland-Eleventh Report of the Church

Education Society, for; being for the Year

1850, 282. Irish Church Missions— Early Fruits of ; a

Letter from an Eye-witness after a Missionary Tour during June and July,

1810, 282. Irish Church Mission Society-Rise and

Progress of: the Reformation in Connemara, Dublin, fc., and the Journal of a Tour in company with the Rev. R. C.

Dallas, M.A., in June, 1850, 282. Ingle Puseyites' (so-called),

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Four Lectures. By the Rev. W. Glea.

dall, M.A., 219. Green-Lives of the Princesses of Eng

land from the Norman Conquest. By
Mary Ann Everett Green, Editor of
the “ Letters of Royal and Illustrious

Ladies," 378.
Gutch-"Sound an Alarm ;" a Sermon.

By the Rev. C. Gutch, 219.

Friends to Popery. By Rev. J. Ingle, 221.

Haddon-The Church Patient in her Mode

of Dealing with Controversies : a Ser-
mon Preached before the University, at
St. Mary's, Oxford, on St. Stephen's
Day, 1850. By Arthur W. Haddon,

B.D., 223. 449.
Harcourt-Lectures on the Four Gospels

Harmonised. By the Rev. L. Vernon

Harcourt, M.A., 209.
Harrison— Privileges, Duties, and Perils

in the English Branch of the Church of
Christ at the Present Time; Six Ser-
mons preached in Canterbury Cathedral.
By Benjamin Harrison, M.A., Arch-

deacon of Maidstone, 213.
Hazlitt- The Dramatic Works of William

Shakspeare, from the Text of Johnson,
Steevens, and Reed; with Glossarial
Notes, Life, &c. By William Hazlitt,

Esq., 105.
Hints for Happy Hours; or, Amusements

for all Ages, 211.
Hodgson- A Plea for United Responding

in the Public Worship. By Rev. J. F.

Hodgson, 221.
Hoffman-Tales for my Cousin, translated

and adapted from the German of Franz
Hoffman. By Francis M. Wilbraham,

212. Hook-An Ecclesiastical Biography, con

taining the Lives of the Ancient Fathers and Modern Divines, interspersed with Notices of Heretics and Schismatics. By

Walter Farquhar Hook, D.D., 210. Hook-Auricular Confession ; a Sermon,

with Notes, and an Appendix. By W. F. Hook, D.D., Vicar of Leeds,

Hoskyns A Sermon preached in the

Parish Church of Cuddesden, at the
Ordination held by the Lord Bishop of
Oxford, on Sunday, March 16, 1851.
By the Rev. H. Hoskyns, M.A., Rector

of Aston Tyrrold, Berks, 449. Humphreys-Ancient Coins and Medals;

an Historical Sketch of the Origin and Progress of Coining Money in Greece

and her Colonies, 192. Humphrey-The Early Progress of the

Gospel ; in Eight Sermons, preached before the University of Cambridge, in

Jackson-A First Series of Practical Ser.

mons. By the Rev. Frederick Jackson,
Incumbent of Parson Drove, Isle of

Ely, 262.
Jackson-Repentance: its Necessity, Na-

ture, and Aids : A Course of Sermons
preached in Lent. By John Jackson,
M.A., Rector of St. James's, West-

minster, 451. Jarvis - The Church of the Redeemed; or,

the History of the Mediatorial Kingdom.
Vol. I. By the Rev. Samuel Farmer

Jarvis, D.D., 206.
Joyce-Hymns, with Notes. By James

Joyce, A.M., Vicar of Dorking, 214.

Kenneth ; or, the Rear-Guard of the Grand

Army. By the Author of " Scenes and

Characters," 189.
King--Poems. By Mary Ada King, 204.

Lavengro: the Scholar, the Gipsy, the

Priest. By George Borrow, Author of

“ The Bible in Spain,” 362. Lays of Palestine, 207. Lectures on the Characters of our Lord's

Apostles, and especially iheir Conduct at the time of his Apprehension and

Trial. By a Country Pastor, 199. Lelio-A Vision of Reality ; Hervor, and

other Poems. By Patrick Scott, 178. Letter to Lord Ashley, a. By a Lay

Member of the Church of England,

221. Lewis - Family Prayers, composed from

the Book of Psalms, by a Layman.

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