Journal of the British Dental Association, Volume 8

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British Dental Association, 1887
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Page 522 - I pray thee, peace. I will be flesh and blood; For there was never yet philosopher That could endure the toothache patiently, However they have writ the style of gods, And made a push at chance and sufferance.
Page 776 - It seems certain that the deaths which occur in this country are fully a third more numerous than they would be if our existing knowledge of the chief causes of disease were reasonably well applied throughout the country...
Page 783 - It has been proved over and over again that nothing is so costly in all ways as disease, and that nothing is so remunerative as the outlay which augments health, and in doing so, augments the amount and value of the work done.
Page 182 - Fund was founded in 1902, under the direction of the Royal College of * Physicians of London and the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and Is governed by representatives of many medical and scientific institutions.
Page 775 - is the art of preserving health ; that is, of obtaining the most perfect action of body and mind during as long a period as is consistent with the laws of life. In other words, it aims at rendering growth mote perfect, decay less rapid, life more vigorous, death more remote.
Page 371 - Cocaine may be toxic — sometimes deadly — in large doses. It may give rise to dangerous, or even fatal symptoms, in doses usually deemed safe. The danger, near and remote, is greatest when given under the skin.
Page 778 - ... lodging-houses, recreationgrounds, disinfection-places, hospitals, dead-houses, burial-grounds, &c. And in the interests of health, the State has not only, as above, limited the freedom of persons and property in certain common respects ; it has also intervened in many special relations. It has interfered between parent and child, not only in imposing limitation on industrial uses of children, but also to the extent of requiring that children shall not be left unvaccinatcd.
Page 687 - He suffered from frequent rigors and febrile attacks of varying intensity, profuse nightsweats, retention of urine, serious constriction of the bowels and urethra. Lancinating pains darted from the maxilla of right side to bowels, bladder, limbs, hands and feet, or to whatever part was locally affected at the time.
Page 776 - ... in this sense may be called preventable, the average yearly number in England and Wales is about 120,000, and that of the 120,000 cases of preventable suffering, which thus in every year attain their final place in the death register, each unit represents a larger or smaller group of other case's in which preventable disease, not ending in death, though often of far-reaching ill effects on life, has been suffered.
Page 681 - I feel that the country should be congratulated to-day upon the presence at our capital of so many of our own citizens, and those representing foreign countries who have distinguished themselves in the science of medicine, and are devoted to its further progress. My duty in this connection is a very pleasant and a very brief one. It is simply to declare that the Ninth International Medical Congress is now open for organization and for the transaction of business.

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