Postmodernism: Critical texts

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Victor E. Taylor, Charles E. Winquist
Taylor & Francis, 1998 - 367 pages
A four volume collection of reprinted articles and book excerpts covering the critical discussion of postmodernism interdisciplinary as well as in the humanities and social sciences. Vol. 1., "Foundational Essays", centers on the classic themes of knowledge formation language, society and subjectivity. The contributors are among others: Georges Bataille, Roland Barthes, Jean Baudrillard, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Paul de Man, Jacques Derrida, Ferdinand de Saussure, Julia Kristeva and Maurice Merlau-Ponty. Vol. 2., "Critical Texts" contains texts by Walter Benjamin, Jonathan Culler, Rodolphe Gasché, Jürgen Habermas, Ihab Hassan, Frederic Jameson, Chantal Mouffe, Richard Rorty and others. Vol. 3., "Disciplinary Texts: Humanities and Social Sciences", is divided into the following subsections:"Geography", "History", "Literature", "Philosophy", "Theology", "Culture Studies", "Sociology" and "Women's Studies". It contains contributions by J.B. Harley, Trevor J. Barnes, Hayden White, Stanley Vogel, Michael W. Messmer, Michel Foucault, Gianni Vattimo, Charles E. Winquist, Seyla Benhabib, Hans Bertens, Barry Smart, Diane Elam, Rachel Bowlby and others. Vol. 4., "Legal Studies, Psychoanalytical Studies, Visual Arts and Architecture" is divided into corresponding subsections. The contributros are among others: Jerry D. Leonard, Victor Taylor, Shoshana Felman, Paul Ricoeur, Elisabeth Grosz, Ralph Cohen, Robert Dunn, Andrew Benjamin, Peter Eisenman and Stephen H. Watson

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Theses on the Philosophy of History Walter Benjamin
Review of Blindness and Insight Essays in the Rhetoric of Contemporary Criticism by Paul de Man Jonathan Culler
Presupposition and Intertextuality Jonathan Culler
An Encounter between Feminism and Postmodernism Nancy Fraser and Linda Nicholson
Deconstruction as Criticism Rodolphe Gasché
This Strange Institution Called Literature An Interview with Jacques Derrida Derek Attridge
The Myth of the Postmodernist Breakthrough Gerald Graff
Modernity versus Postmodernity Jürgen Habermas
The Recognition Scene of Criticism Geoffrey Hartman
Mapping the Postmodern Andreas Huyssen
Foreword to Lyotards The Postmodern Condition Fredric Jameson
Habermas and Postmodernism Martin Jay
The Critic as Host J Hillis Miller
Modern or Postmodern? Chantal Mouffe
Postmodernist Bourgeois Liberalism Richard Rorty
Translators Preface to Derridas Of Grammatology Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Speculations on an Aspect of the Postmodern Mind Ihab Hassan

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