Then & Now in Education, 1845: 1928: A Message of Encouragement from the Past to the Present

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World book Company, 1923 - 400 pages
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Page 125 - The superintendent of schools shall be the executive officer of the board of directors for the management of schools.
Page 48 - It is very difficult to believe that in the Boston schools there should be so many children in the first classes unable to answer such questions; that there should be so many absurd answers; so many errors in spelling, in grammar and in punctuation.
Page 146 - During all this time parents are relieved of their care.~ The Board of Education, in its building program, is attempting to provide clean, well lighted, well heated and ventilated buildings for all of these children. In addition to being cared for they are taught to work, study, and play together. They are given a chance to learn how to be healthy, how to read, write, and figure, how to make things with tools, and how to use their leisure time. All human progress is brought before them. Their characters...
Page 252 - Cape of Good Hope or by the Red Sea? 18. What do you understand by the line of perpetual snow? 19. On which range of mountains is the line of perpetual snow most elevated above the ocean, on the Rocky Mountains of North America or on the Cordilleras of Mexico?
Page 306 - Your brother was there and he said to my sister and ii am tired and must go and lay down to rest me and when he was laying down we tried to lie a vail over his face. I shall come to see you this afternoon unless it rains. Vain man thou prcsumest too much neither the lion nor the tiger will bow their necks to thee.
Page 54 - Enrope. 17. What is the nearest route from England to India, by the Cape of Good Hope or by the Red Sea ? 18. What do yon understand by the line of perpetual snow?
Page 128 - That group of activities which deals with (1) the carrying out of policies that provide physical, financial, and educational conditions, under which pupil, teacher, principal, and supervisor may work to best advantage ; (2) the provision of channels through which the course of study, general data, and instructions may be quickly and...
Page 313 - It is bounded on the north by Canada ; on the east by the British Colonies of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and by the peninsula of Florida ; on the south by the Gulf of Mexico, and, lastly, on the west by New Mexico.
Page 41 - All pupils of average ability, who have been properly taught, should have a command, not merely of the particular fact, or the general statement of a truth or principle, but also of its connections, relations and applications; and every faithful examiner will strive to know whether they possess the latter as well as the former species of information. Text books contain a much greater proportion of isolated facts, and of abstract principles, than of relations and applications. This is the circumstance...

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