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La Poésie est le Miroir de la Nature: c'est le cri de l'âme,
un élan vers les cieux.



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Printed by W. DAVY & SON, 8, Gilbert Street, W.


We trust the present Selection of English Poetry may prove a useful addition to the many excellent existing works of a similar kind. Our aim has been, not to supersede any of these, but to form a "School Book," a work suitable for young people in general. It is believed that the selection will be found sufficiently copious and varied for this purpose; our chief care, however, has been to select pieces that inculcate those solid truths which form the basis of a good education. This task, we are proud to say, is not difficult with regard to our British Poets, and we shall consider ourselves amply rewarded, if our humble efforts be conducive in leading young people to dwell more on the beauty of the sentiment, which elevates the mind, than on the harmonious ar

rangement of words, which merely captivates the ear, and in teaching them to form their judgment of poetry by its intrinsic worth and excellence.

In order to facilitate the use of this work for tuition, it is divided into two parts. The First, designed for younger children, commences by simple pieces, which lead progressively, as far as possible, to more difficult ones. The Second Part, designed to complete this elementary course of English Poetry, contains Poems of a higher order and selections from our standard Poets arranged chronologically. In each part will be found specimens of our contemporary writers. A short Appendix is given for the sake of including some passages from Milton, Pope, Young, and W. Scott, which, it was at first feared, would have swollen the volume to an inconvenient size.

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