The Da Vinci Gospel: What Dan Brown Didn't Say, and You Were Afraid to Ask

Front Cover
Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2005 - 666 pages
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Reviews aren't verified, but Google checks for and removes fake content when it's identified
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Google has blocked certain pages from this book, because it gives descriptive details on how to fight black magicians which is what the CEO of Google is. And they block certain pages on how to christify oneself. I already read certain pages and wrote notes down from the book, and now they are blocked... what is the reason haha well its cause they dont want us to Crown ourselves with Christ well its too late google fuck you and who ever tried to block this sacred knowledge and then fuck you again for blocking this review which will be removed within a short time. 

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This type of internet piracy, stealing another person's work and translation and publishing it as one's own, is a great disrespect and disservice to both author and translator. I do not know how anyone can be so obtuse as to do something like this: there are no indentations, the text is sloppy and difficult to read, and everything is garbled together incoherently.
There is really no intelligence involved in this, and no purpose. The translations by Glorian Publishing are offered in beautiful print editions, as well as online through googlebooks. This person has taken the work of very dedicated persons and claimed it as their own. This is not only immoral: this is ILLEGAL.
The title of these pdfs (which, by the way are extremely unreliable, easy to crack and adulterate) have nothing to do with the writings of Samael Aun Weor. I am really amazed why anyone would publish this online or anywhere. There must be an agenda to it that is not kosher: even the total number of pages is 666... certainly not without ironic significance. I cannot tell if this is just an attempt to denigrate a man's beautiful body of work, a juvenille attempt to glorify oneself, or both. Whoever you are, please remove this travesty from the internet. It does no one any good.

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