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Newberry, Saunders, Smith of Des Moines, Smith of Mitchell Spaulding, Stirton, Stookey, Stuckslager, Taylor, Turner, Warren, Whipple, Wilson of Fayette, Wilson of Clinton, Winne, Young of Lee, Young of Calhoun-43.

The nays were:


Absent or not voting:

Senators Eckles, Gillilland, Hogue, Lewis, Maytag, Wade, Young of Washington-7.

The joint resolution having secured a constitutional majority was declared to have passed the Senate and its title agreed to. Senator Brooks offered the following motion and moved its adoption.

I move the appointment of a committee of three who shall have oversight of the selection of Chaplains for service in the Senate during the present session.


The President appointed as such committee Senators Brooks, Jackson, Stirton.

The President then appointed as messengers for the Senate the following:

President's messenger, Ioan Jones. Messengers, Nixon Street, Karl N. Eckers, Hymen Coplin, Fred Caswell, Wm. Robinson, Roscoe C. Morrow, Martin C. Lind.

The following newly appointed messengers appeared at the bar of the Senate and were duly sworn according to law: Ioan Jones, Nixon Streit, Karl N. Eckers, Hymen Coplin, Fred Caswell, Wm. Robinson, Roscoe C. Morrow. Martin C. Lind.

Harry Narey appeared before the bar of the Senate and was duly sworn according to law as assisting File Clerk of the Senate. F. S. Myers appeared before the bar of the Senate and was duly sworn according to law as assisting Bill Clerk of the Senate. Senator Garst moved that the Senate now adjourn until 1:45

P. M.


Senate adjourned.


Senate met at 1:45 P. M. pursuant to adjournment, President Herriott presiding.

Senator Lambert filed the following oath of office.

[blocks in formation]

I, John F. Wade, of Butler county, Iowa, do solomnly swear that I will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the State of Iowa and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of Senator according to the best of my ability.

JOHN F. Wade.

Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence by John F. Wade this eleventh day of January 1904.


Notary Public in and for Johnson County Iowa.

A committee from the House announced that the House was ready to receive the Senate in joint session.

The President announced that the Senate would proceed to the House under direction of the Sergeant-at-Arms.

The Senate proceeded to the House to meet in Joint


The Sergeant-at-Arms announced the arrival of the honorable body of the Senate for the Joint Convention.

The Senate body took seats on the east side of the House.


In accordance with law and concurrent resolution duly adopted the Joint Convention met at 2:00 P. M. Tuesday, January 12, 1904.

The Joint Convention was called to order by Lieutenant Governor Herriott.

The roll was then called and the following members of the Thirtieth General Assembly responded when their names were called:

Messrs. Bailey, Bixby, Bleakly, Boland, Brooks, Bruce, Buchanan, Buckingham, Calderwood, Carden, Carstensen, Cassel, Chassell, Cheney, Christianson, Clary, Clarke, Cobb, Coburn, Colclo, Conn, Courtright, Crawford, Crose, Crossley, Cummings, Davie, DeLano, Doran, Dow, Dowell, Dunham, Eckles, Elerick, Ericson, English, Flenniken, Freeman, Frudden, Gale, Garst, Geneva, Gilliland, Greeley, Greene, Hakes, Hambleton, Hanna, Harper, Harris, Hart, Hartshorn, Hasselquist, Hayward, Head, Heles, Hollembeak, Hopkins, Hughes, Hume, Jepson, Jackson, Jacobson, Jamison, Jones of Mahaska, Jones of Montgomery, Kendall, Kennedy, Kimmel, Kinne, Kling, Koontz, Laird, Lambert, Lamkin, Langan, Leech, Lewis, Lister, Lowrey, Lundt, Lyons, McAllister, McClurkin, McCreary, McCulloch, McDole, McElrath, McNie, Maben, Manning, Martin, Mattes, Morris, Molsberry, Mott, Newberry, Nichols, Offill, Olsen, Powers, Prevo, Pritchard, Ritter, Robinson, Sankey, Saunders, Saylor, Shaffer, Skinner, Smith of Des Moines, Smith of Mitchell, Spaulding of Chickasaw, Spaulding of Howard, Springer, Stanbery, Stirton, Stoltenberg, Stookey, Stuckslager, Summers, Taylor, Teachout, Teter, Temple, Turner, Warren, Washburn, Weeks, Welden, Whipple, Whiting, Whitmer, Willson of Washington, Wilson of Fayette, Wilson of Clinton, Winne, Wise, Wright, Wyland, Young of Lee, Young of Calhoun-142.

Absent or not responding:

Messrs. Bealer, Dashiell, Gregory, Hogue, Maytag, Peet, Young of Washington, Wade-8.

President Herriott declared a majority of the members of the General Assembly present at the joint convention.

Greeley of Story moved that a committee of two from the House and one from the Senate be appointed to notify the Governor that the joint convention is now in session.

The President appointed Senator Garst, Greeley of Story, Langan of Clinton.

The joint committee appointed to wait on the Governor appeared and conducted Governor Cummins to the Speaker's desk, where he read his annual message to the joint convention as per the invitation of the General Assembly.


To the Senate and House of Representatives of the Thirtieth General Assembly:

In obedience to the command of the constitution, I have the honor to submit to you the following message:

I lay before you reports from various departments and officers, as follows:

[blocks in formation]

These reports will inform you of all the doings of the executive branch of the State government.


As to the monies that were received and paid out during the biennial period ending June 30, 1903, you are referred to the

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