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4. Live stock raised October 1, 1904, to September 30, 1905:

[blocks in formation]

5. State number of animals slaughtered between October 1, 1904,

[blocks in formation]

6. State number of animals died from accident, disease or killed

between October 1, 1904, and September 30, 1905:

Horses ...

Milch cows





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8. State number quarts of milk produced between October 1, 1904, and September 30, 1905.....

9. State number quarts of milk consumed during same


10. State number quarts milk purchased during same


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11. State provisions produced between October 1, 1904, and Sep

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2. For refund of miscellaneous receipts to be turned into the State treasury...

This provides for the refunding of the amount of money up to $10,000 that the institution may receive from their industries.

3. For completing trade school building..

It is estimated that it will cost $37,500 to complete this building, which was started a few years ago. Twenty thousand dollars of the amount will be reappropriated from the building fund remaining after the erection of the building, to take the place of the one destroyed by fire, so that it is only necessary here to ask for the above amount, which will enable the institution to complete the same during the present year, with inmate labor. 4. For installing new electric lighting circuit...... Upon the completion of the domestic building, the new laundry and bathhouse building this year, it will be necessary to install a new lighting circuit and this sum would seem sufficient for the purpose.

$230,000 00

10,000 00

17,500 00

3,000 00

5. For fire risers to attic and equipping same..

It has been brought to my attention, recently, that there is no fire protection in the open attics of this institution and conflagration there would be very disastrous to the entire institution. This small amount, therefore, is requested for the purpose herein stated.

6. For equipping industrial departments......

Upon the completion of the laundry and bathhouse building, the upper floor of which will be used for the clothing department, it is proposed to open an industrial department wherein all the clothing for this institution, as well as some others reporting to this department, can be manufactured, as it is felt. that a good many of the inmates at this institution are by trade competent to do this work.

$1,000 00

5,000 00

The following statement of the disposition of the appropriations for extraordinary repairs and improvements is brought up to the date of calculation, which is March 1, 1906; this having been done with a view to giving an exact knowledge of the conditions that subsequent requirements might be more closely estimated:

(Chapter 656, Laws of 1904.)

Electric lighting and feeder circuit...

$4,000 00

Approvals, $3,842.80; balance, $157.20. Traps and valves....

Approvals, $342.09; balance, $457.91.

800 00

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