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Breeding cows



Fall pigs

Spring pigs

7. State number of poultry killed for food:








Other poultry

8. State number quarts milk produced between October 1, 1904, and September 30, 1905....

9. State number quarts milk consumed during same period.... 10. State number quarts milk purchased during same period.... 11. State provisions produced between October 1, 1904, and Sep

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2. For additional electric equpiment...

While it seems probable that the house of refuge will be moved into the country within the next few years, I recommend that this amount be appropriated this year for the purpose of installing additional electric equipment, thus doing away with the old gas plant at the institution, which is a menace to it and very expensive to operate. I am assured that all of the apparatus thus installed under this appropriation, if granted, can be used at the new institution.

3. For repairs and equipment...

While this amount might seem unusually large, there is a great deal to be done to keep the buildings in condition for temporary

5,000 00

7,000 00

The following statement of the disposition of the appropriations for extraordinary repairs and improvements is brought up to the date of calculation, which is March 1, 1906; this having been done with a view to giving an exact knowledge of the conditions that subsequent requirements might be more closely estimated:

(Chapter 730, Laws of 1904.)

For the necessary expenses of the commission....

$1,200 00

(Chapter 729, Laws of 1904.)

4,000 00

Repairs to main wall, repointing, etc.....

1,081 00

Reappropriated from chapter 424, Laws of 1902.

Approvals, $578.25; balance, $502.75.

Slate treads

215 00


Trachoma building

Reappropriated from chapter 424, Laws of 1902.

Approvals, $179.83; balance, $35.17.


Reappropriated by chapter 700, Laws of 1905.

2,546 47

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Acting Superintendent, Melvin P. Burnham, M. D.

Chapter 416 of the Laws of 1900, as amended by chapter 108 of the Laws of 1902, which authorized the establishment of the New York State Hospital for the Treatment of Incipient Pulmonary Tuberculosis at Ray Brook, provides, in sections 13, 14 and 15, for the admission, treatment and maintenance therein of patients, under the classification of free patients and private patients.

Free patients are described as citizens of the State who have not the ability to pay and who are to be admitted upon the authority of town, city or county official, as the case may be, having charge of the relief of the poor, and the aforesaid official having charge of the relief of the poor of the town, city or county, as the case may be, to which such free patients are accredited, shall be required to pay for the care, treatment and maintenance of each such free patient at a rate not exceeding $5 per week for each patient.

Private patients are described as those who are able to pay for their care, treatment and maintenance, and who are admitted upon the certificate of one of the examining physicians designated

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