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which proposed amendment was in the following language: "Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring: That section 7, article VII., of the constitution of the state of Wisconsin relating to circuit courts be amended so as to read as follows: 'Section 7. For each circuit there shall be chosen by the qualified electors thereof one circuit judge, except that in any circuit composed of one county only, which county shall contain a population, according to the last state or United States. census, of one hundred thousand inhabitants or over, the legislature may from time to time authorize additional circuit judges to be chosen. Every circuit judge shall reside in the circuit for which he is elected, and shall hold his office for such term and receive such compensation as the legislature shall prescribe." "

Resolved, by the senate, the assembly concurring, that the foregoing proposed amendment to the constitution of the state of Wisconsin be and the same is agreed to by this legislature.

[No. 21, S.]


Relative to the semi-centennial of the admission of Wisconsin into the Union.

Resolved, by the senate, the assembly concurring: That the governor be and hereby is requested to issue his proclamation recommending to the people of the state that they suitably celebrate the admission of the state of Wisconsin into the Union; such celebration to be held in their respective counties, on the 28th or 30th day of May, A. D. 1898; and to form societies in each county for the collection and preservation of all documents or matters of historic interest, and all statistical information of value concerning the growth and development of local educational or industrial interests.

[No. 38, S.]


On the death of General Lucius Fairchild.

Whereas, Since the last session of the legislature, death has removed from our midst General Lucius Fairchild, who departed this life on the 23rd day of May, 1896, therefore,

Resolved, by the senate, the assembly concurring, that in the death of this eminent citizen, the state of Wisconsin sustains the loss of one of her noblest sons and the country one of its bravest defenders. His gallant service as a soldier is forever linked with our proudest memories of the late civil war. His services to Wisconsin as secretary of state and governor are a record of unsullied honor, unfailing devotion to duty and commanding executive ability. His services to the United States as a representative to foreign countries, as consul to Liverpool, as consul general at Paris, as minister-resident at Madrid,— reflected honor upon his countrymen, for in his high character, his loyalty to duty, his kindness of heart, and winning personality, he exemplified the nobility, frankness, and dignity of the American gentleman.

Resolved, That we tender to the bereaved family of the honored dead, our most earnest expressions of sympathy, assuring them that all the people of Wisconsin mourn with them the loss of one so universally known and loved.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions, signed by the presiding officers and clerks of the senate and assembly, be presented to the family of General Fairchild.

[No. 39, S.]


Authorizing the employment of a competent architect to examine the vault in which state records are stored.

Whereas, In his message to the legislature on Febru ary 11th, 1897, Governor Scofield has directed attention to the unprotected condition of our state records now stored in the basement of this building, and has recommended that some one of the committees of the legislature make investigation of the condition of the records and of the vault in which they are stored and that, if it be found that they are not sufficiently protected, provision be made for the construction of a thoroughly fire-proof vault in which they may be stored with safety; and

Whereas, Such recommendations of the message have been referred to the committee on state affairs in both the senate and assembly; and

Whereas, Such committees, acting together and with the governor and the secretary of state, have inspected the condition of the records and the vault in which they are stored and have found it necessary to have the advice of a competent architect to determine whether the present vault be fire-proof and what, if any, additional vault room ought to be provided; therefore

Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, that the two committees on state affairs, acting together, he and they are hereby authorized to employ a competent architect to examine and report upon the present condition of the vault in which the records of the state are stored, and to make such recommendations with reference to insuring the safety of the present vault, or providing another vault, as in the judgment of such committees may be necessary for the preservation of the public records.

Resolved, that such committees be and they are hereby are authorized to incur the necessary expense of carrying out the recommendations of the governor as above set forth, to the amount of not to exceed three hundred dollars, ($300.00).

[No. 34, S.]


Authorizing governor to have control of office rooms in capitol.

Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, that the governor be, and hereby is, authorized to have full control of all office rooms in the capitol, and to assign to each office or department such room or rooms as, in his judgment, may be required for the transaction of the business of the respective departments, and for the proper care and preservation of the records and property.

All resolutions interfering with this resolution are hereby repealed.

This resolution shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

[No. 44, S.]



Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, that a new joint rule be adopted as follows:

If at any regular session of the legislature a recess shall be taken for a period exceeding thirty days, no busi ness shall be received or transacted at the coming in of the legislature after such recess excepting such business as may be specially mentioned in the resolution provid ing for such recess.

This rule shall not be suspended by either house unless both houses by a vote of three-fourths of the members elect of each house concur in such suspension.

[No. 20, S.]


Requiring commissioner of insurance to report and account for fees and perquisites paid to or received by him.

Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, that the commissioner of insurance be and he hereby is required to report to the senate and assembly by a tabulated statement the amount and character of all fees and other official perquisites, paid to or received by himself or others connected with said office, if any there be, not accounted for to the secretary of state, and also the source from which the same are derived; and that upon the coming in of such report the committee on state affairs be and hereby is authorized to prepare and present a bill for the proper disposition of such funds, and the payment thereof into the state treasury.

[No. 50, S.]


For the appointment of a committee to act in conjunction with the state fish commission and state fish and game warden, to secure uniform legislation, on the subject of fish and game for the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois.

Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, that a committee of three, one from the senate and two from the assembly, be appointed to act in conjunction with the state fish commission and the state fish and game war

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