Science of Health, Volume 3

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Page 137 - I had had from my childhood : then she nailed the piece of lard, with the fat towards the sun, upon a post of her chamber window, which was to the south. The success was, that within five weeks space all the warts went quite away : and that wart which I had so long endured, for company.
Page 60 - ... 3. — By the movement of his paws about the sides of his open mouth, one might think he was trying to free his throat of a bone. "4.— His voice undergoes such a change that it is impossible not to be struck by it. "5. — The dog begins to fight with other dogs; this is a decidedly characteristic sign, if the dog be generally peaceful. "The three symptoms last mentioned indicate an advanced period of the disease and that the dog may become dangerous at any moment, if immediate measures are...
Page 49 - I dwell on this to forestall in some manner the common remark of persons not well acquainted with the medical agencies of water— that it is to the regular life which water-patients lead, and not to the element itself that they owe their recovery. Nevertheless I found that these changes, however salutary in theory, produced little if any practical amelioration in my health. All invalids know, perhaps, how difficult, under ordinary circumstances, is the alteration of habits from bad to good. The...
Page 49 - I seemed scarcely to live myself. At this time, about the January of 1844, I was thoroughly shattered. The least attempt at exercise exhausted me. The nerves gave way at the most ordinary excitement — a chronic irritation of that .vast surface we call the mucous membrane, which had defied for years all medical skill, rendered me continually liable to acute attacks, which from their repetition, and the increased feebleness of my frame, might at any time be fatal. ' Though free from any organic disease...
Page 53 - Formerly, it was my favourite and querulous question to those who saw much of me, " Did you ever know me twelve hours without pain or illness ?" Now, instead of these being my constant companions, they are but my occasional visitors. I compare my old state and my present to the poverty of a man who has a shilling in his pocket, and whose poverty is therefore a struggle for life, with the occasional distresses of a man of £5000 a year, who sees but an appendage endangered, or a luxury abridged.
Page 52 - ... the steep ascent to the holy spring — the delicious sparkle of that morning draught — the green terrace on the brow of the mountain, with the rich landscape wide and far below — the breeze that once would have been so keen and biting, now but exhilarating the blood, and lifting the spirits into...
Page 52 - ... the cure ; they seem laid asleep as if by enchantment. The intellect shares the same rest ; after a short time, mental exertion becomes impossible; even the memory grows far less tenacious of its painful impressions, cares and griefs are forgotten ; the sense of the present absorbs the past and future; there is a certain freshness and youth which pervade the spirits, and live upon the enjoyment of the actual hour.
Page 50 - ... cottage, and in which the Babel of a hundred languages (so agreeable to the healthful delight in novelty — so appalling to the sickly despondency of a hypochondriac) would murmur and growl over a public table spread with no tempting condiments. Could I hope to find healing in my own land, and not too far from my own doctors in case of failure, I might indeed solicit the watery gods — but the journey ! I who scarcely lived through a day without leech or...
Page 54 - ... ends of the earth for drugs and minerals — we extract our potions from the deadliest poisons — but around us and about us, Nature, the great mother, proffers the Hygeian fount, unsealed and accessible to all. Wherever the stream glides pure, wherever the spring sparkles fresh, there, for the vast proportion of the maladies which Art produces, Nature yields the benignant healing.
Page 12 - Of the astral influence which was considered to have originated the ' Great Mortality,' physicians and learned men were as completely convinced as of the fact of its reality. A grand conjunction of the three superior planets, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, in the sign of Aquarius, which took place, according to Guy de Chauliac, on the 24th of March, 1345, was generally received as its principle cause.

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