The Biography of Dio Lewis

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Fowler & Wells Company, 1891 - 398 pages

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Page 119 - I beseech* you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your breasonabl.e service.
Page 165 - MY soul, be on thy guard ; Ten thousand foes arise ; The hosts of sin are pressing hard To draw thee from the skies. 2 O, watch, and fight, and pray ; The battle ne'er give o'er; Renew it boldly every day, And help divine implore. 3 Ne'er think the victory won, Nor lay thine armor down : Thy arduous work will not be done Till thou obtain thy crown.
Page 31 - I opened the blinds : the day was bright, And God gave Mrs. Rogers some light. I opened the window ; the day was fair, And God gave Mrs. Rogers some air. Bottles and blisters, powders and pills, Catnip, boneset, syrup, and squills ; Drugs and medicines, high and low, I threw them as far as I could throw. "What are you doing?" my patient cried, " Frightening Death,
Page 375 - ... returning, driven by the little dog, who did not raise her head, nor wag her tail, even when spoken to, but crawled to her puppies, and lay down by them, offering 'the little empty breasts. She had been out all night, and while her hungry babies were tugging away, fell asleep. I have never seen anything so touching. So far as I was concerned, " there was not a dry eye in the house.
Page 393 - The Mother's Hygienic Hand-Book for the Normal Development and Training of Women and Children, and the Treatment of their Diseases.
Page 117 - ... houses was severe. In the House of Representatives the brunt of the fight fell upon the Hon. Patrick H. Kelly, member from the 25th District, St. Paul. He was equal to the occasion. By his skillful management, great energy, and happy adaptability, he won friends for the measure from all parties, and it is not too much to say that to him, more than to any other person, we are indebted for the success that has forever settled the question of the location of the capitol of the state of Minnesota....
Page 155 - About forty women were on the ground, aud followed the liquor in, and remained holding an uninterrupted prayer-meeting all day and until eleven o'clock at night. " The next day — bitterly cold — was spent in the same place and manner, without fire or chairs, two hours of that time the women being locked in, while the proprietor was off attending a trial. On the following day, the coldest of all the winter of 1874, the women were locked out, and stood on the street, holding religious services...
Page 147 - But, my dear mother, you know you have to go." Then my daughter, who was sitting on a stool by my side, leaning over in a most tender manner, and looking up in my face, said, "Don't you think you will go?" All this time my husband had been walking the floor, uttering not a word. He stopped, and placing his hand on the family Bible, that lay upon my work-table, said emphatically, "Children, you know where your mother goes to settle all vexed questions ; let us leave her alone," withdrawing as he spoke,...
Page 69 - Dr. Windship had done all that was needed in apostleship of severe exercises, and there was wanting some man with a milder hobby, perfectly safe for a lady to drive. The Fates provided that man also in Dr. Lewis — so hale and hearty, so profoundly confident in the omnipotence of his own methods and the uselessness of all others, with such a ready invention, and such an inundation of animal spirits, that he could flood any company, no matter...
Page 233 - For three months, with scarcely a day's exception, the praying bands, sometimes with twenty in each, working in various parts of the city, sometimes with five hundred, quietly and silently, two by two, forming a procession over a quarter of a mile in length, followed by scores in carriages who could not bear the long walks, went from saloon to saloon...

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