The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Volume 153

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J.B. Lippincott, Company, 1917
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Page 276 - Manual of Chemistry. A Guide to Lectures and Laboratory work for Beginners in Chemistry. A Text-book, specially adapted for Students of Pharmacy and Medicine.
Page 745 - Professor of Diseases of Children in the College of Physicians and Surgeons (Columbia University), New York ; Attending Physician to the Babies...
Page 172 - Many facts, such as the seasonal incidence and rural prevalence of the disease, have seemed to indicate that some insect or animal host, as yet unrecognized, may be a necessary factor in the spread of poliomyelitis, but specific evidence to this effect is lacking, and the weight of present opinion inclines to the view that poliomyelitis is exclusively a human disease and is spread by personal contact, whatever other causes may be found to contribute to its spread. In personal contact we mean to include...
Page 173 - ' At present our information demands the employment of the following administrative procedures in attempting to control the disease : ' ' 1. The requirement that all recognized and suspected cases be promptly reported. "2. Isolation of patients in screened premises. The duration of infectivity being unknown, the period of isolation must necessarily be arbitrary. Six weeks has been recommended by the Conference of State and Territorial Health Officers with the Surgeon-General of the Public Health...
Page 895 - EDITOR'S PREFACE IN the autumn of 1914 when the scientific study of the effects of war upon modern life passed suddenly from theory to history, the Division of Economics and History of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace proposed to adjust the programme of its researches to the new and altered problems which the War presented. The existing programme, which had been prepared as the result of...
Page 100 - The toxemias of pregnancy can be attributed neither to failure in diaminization of the amino-acids, nor to the moderate degree of acidosis observed. The nature of the toxin or toxins therefore remains unknown. The nature of the functional disturbances which cause the abnormal nitrogen metabolism observed also still awaits a satisfactorily conclusive explanation. Nevertheless the constancy of the low urea ratios in the urine in eclampsia, and of high ammonia in pernicious vomiting, lends decided support...
Page 161 - The germ of the disease is present in discharges from the nose, throat, and bowels of those ill with infantile paralysis even in the cases that do not go on to paralysis. It may also be present in the nose and throat of healthy children from the same family. Do not let your children play with children who have just been sick or who have or recently have had colds, summer complaint, etc. For this reason children from a family in which there is a case of infantile paralysis are forbidden to leave their...
Page 455 - Ixvii, 1717) has found that tissue juice made from brain (thromboplastin solution) has proved itself of practical value in controlling hemorrhage wherever it can reach the site of bleeding. In cases of true hemophilia it may be regarded almost as a specific hemostatic. It is to be recommended for local use in the bleeding of the newborn, in nasal hemorrhage, and in the parenchymatous bleeding associated with various operations.
Page 276 - A Manual of Chemistry. A Guide to Lectures and Laboratory Work for Beginners in Chemistry. A Textbook specially adapted for Students of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry. By W. SIMON, Ph.
Page 167 - Health has ordered fumigation the entire body of the patient should be bathed and the hair washed with hot soapsuds. The patient should then be dressed in clean clothes (which have not been in the sickroom during the illness) and removed from the room. The attendant should also take a bath and put on clean clothes before mingling with the family or other people. The clothes worn in the sickroom should be left there to be fumigated with the room and its contents.

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