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XXVIII. An Act to empower the Society for the pro

pagation of the Gospel in foreign parts to sell cer-
tain Lands therein mentioned,

XXIX. An Act to incorporate the "Examiner Print

ing and Publishing Company,

XXX. An Act to vest a certain portion of Government House Farm in the City of Charlottetown, for certain purposes therein mentioned,





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At the General Assembly of Her Majesty's Is- William Clealand of Prince Edward, begun and holden at ver Francis Charlottetown on the twenty-second day of Lt.Governor. April, Anno Domini 1873, in the thirty-sixth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Vic- D. Montgotoria, by the grace of God, of the United King- mery, Presi dent of Leg. dom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, De- Council. fender of the Faith:

Being the first Session of the twenty-sixth General Assembly convened in the said Island.

S. F. Perry



An Act for raising a Revenue.

[Passed 30th April, 1873.]

HEREAS it is deemed expedient to further continue and amend the hereinafter recited Act. Be it therefore enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council and Assembly, as follows:


34 Vic.cap.1, continued

and amended

Duties imposed according to table.

I. The Act made and passed in the thirtyfourth year of the reign of Her Majesty, intituled "An Act for raising a Revenue," save and except such clauses and parts thereof as are hereby repealed, shall be and the same is hereby continued, with certain amendments hereinafter mentioned, from the passing hereof and until the first day of May in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventy-four.

II. From and after the passing of this Act, and until the said first day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four there shall be raised, levied and paid on the several articles hereinafter mentioned, imported or brought into this Island, from any place or country whatsoever, the several Impost duties, rates or impositions inserted, described and set forth in figures in the table of duties in hereinafter contained, denominated "Table of Impost Duties," opposite to and against the said respective articles as therein mentioned, described and enumerated, and according to the value, number and quantity thereof, as therein specifiDuties, how ed. The first and third columns of duties in the calculated on said table denoting the ad-valorem duty or am


ount payable on every one hundred dollars worth of the articles imported, which shall be in like proportion for any less amount than one hundred dollars worth, and the second column denoting the specific duty on each article; and the said duties shall be calculated on the actual value or amount of the Invoice when reduced into the decimal system of Currency now by law established in this Island; and the amount of any Invoice of dutiable goods imported from the United States of America into this Island made out in legal and established currency of the said United

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