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Form of ex- Prince Edward Island, In the Circuit Court of

ecution on judgment

obtained in Small Debt Court.

A. B., Plaintiff.

County. S

C. D., Defendant

To the Sheriff of


County :

Whereas heretofore Judgment was awarded in the Commissioners' Court for the recovery of

small Debts at

A. B., for the sum of

against C. D., at the suit of

These are, therefore, to require and command you to levy of the Goods and Chattels the said sum by sale thereof, and for want of such Goods and Chattels, you shall take the Body of the said C. D., and him commit to the Jail of the said County; and you are hereby required to make and return to this Court of your doings hereunder within thirty days from the date thereof. Given under my hand and Seal this

A. D. 18

day of

[blocks in formation]

tion on judg- A. B. of

ment record


A. D.


ed in Small oath and saith that he, this Deponent, did in or


Judgment in the Commissioners' Court for the

Debt Court

about the month of

Recovery of Small Debts at

said C. D., and that the sum of

against the is still

day of 18

A. B.

due and unpaid on said Judgment.

Sworn before me this

Clerk or Assistant Clerk.


An Act for the Regulation of Railways.

[Passed June 14, 1873.]

E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor,
Council and Assembly, as follows:



others in

or for remov

ing poles,&c.

I. If any person shall wilfully obstruct the Penalty for Commissioners for the management and con- obstructing struction of Railways, appointed and acting under Commissionand by virtue of the Act of the thirty-fourth ers and Victoria, chapter four, or any Act or Acts in setting out amendment thereof, or any engineer, officer, or railway lines person acting under authority from the said Com- ing or defacmissioners, or either of them, in the lawful exercise of their power in setting out the line of the main trunk, branches, or any part of the Prince Edward Island Railway, or shall put up or amove any poles, pegs or stakes, driven into the ground for the purpose of setting out the line of the Railway, or shall deface or destroy any pegs or marks put down or made for the same purpose, or shall wilfully obstruct any of the contractors or their Obstructing servants or workmen, while employed in the construction of the Railway, he shall forfeit a sum not exceeding sixteen dollars for every such offence.



tion of their

II. If any person shall wilfully obstruct or im- Penalty for pede any engineer, officer, or person acting with obstructing authority from the said commissioners, or any and others in of them, in the execution of his duties upon the the execu Railway, or upon or in any of the stations or duties. other works or premises connected therewith, or if any person shall wilfully trespass upon the Railway or any of the stations or other works connected therewith, and shall refuse to quit the same upon request made to him by any officer,

Injuring fences.


servant or agent of the commissioners, or shall wilfully disturb, break down, injure or destroy any of the fences of the railway, or remove the same or any part thereof, or shall blot out or deface any regulations or notices put up upon the regulations line, or pull down or injure the boards upon which such regulations or notices are affixed, every such person so offending, and all others aiding or assisting therein, shall severally forfeit a sum not exceeding fifty dollars for every such offence.

and notices.

Penalty for

walking or driving on railroad.


allowing any


III. If any person, after the Railroad, or any section thereof shall be opened for use, shall go thereon, or ride, drive, or lead any animal thereon, he shall, for every such offence, forfeit a sum not exceeding eight dollars; but nothing in this section shall prevent the passing across the Railroad where the same is crossed by any other road on a level therewith.

IV. If any animal shall be found going at Penalty for large within the limits of the Railroad, or any animal to go section thereof, after the same shall be opened for at large on use, the owner thereof, and the person through whose default or neglect the same shall occur, shall, for every such offence, severally forfeit a sum not exceeding seven dollars, provided that the Railroad shall have on the sides thereof where it shall not cross some other road on the same level, a substantial fence, approved of by the Commissioners.



ment of fare.

V. If any person shall travel, or attempt to travel in any carriage belonging to the Railroad, without pay without having previously paid his fare, and. with intent to avoid payment thereof, or if any person, having paid his fare for a certain distance, knowingly and wilfully proceed in any such carriage beyond such distance, without previously


paying the additional fare for the additional distance, and with intent to avoid payment thereof, or if any person knowingly and wilfully refuse or neglect, on arriving at the point to which he Riotous has paid his fare, to quit such carriage, or if any person, while in such carriage, shall offend or annoy the other passengers therein by riotous conduct, or by indecent or profane language, or shall disobey the lawful directions of the con- Disobeying ductor or officer, or shall persist in smoking after conductor. request from the conductor to desist, every such

person shall, for every such offence, forfeit a sum Penalty. not exceeding sixteen dollars.

and detain

VI. If any person be discovered either in or Authority to after committing or attempting to commit any apprehend such offence, as in the preceding section men- offender: tioned, all officers and servants, of the commissioners, and such other persons as they may call to their aid, and all constables, jailors and peace officers may lawfully apprehend and detain such person until he can conveniently be taken before some Justice, or until he can be otherwise discharged in due course of law.



VII. If any person shall send by the railway Penalty for any aquafortis, oil of vitriol, gunpowder, lucifier sending matches, inflammable oils, or other goods of a &c. by raildangerous character, without distinctly marking way, without their nature on the outside of the package containing the same, or otherwise giving notice to the bookkeeper or other servant of the Commissioners with whom the same are left at the time of so sending, he shall forfeit, for every such offence, a sum not exceeding sixty dollars.

VIII. If any passenger shall wilfully cut the Damaging lining, or remove or damage any part of the carriage. carriage, or shall get into or get off of any train Getting in or when in motion or at any other place than the motion.

off train in


placing wood, &c. upon railway.


érs, &c.

Signal or light.

passengers' platforms, or attempt to do so, every such person shall, for every such offence, forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding six dollars.

IX. If any person shall wilfully and maliMaliciously ciously put, place, cast or throw upon or across any railway, any wood, stone, or other matter or thing, or shall wilfully or maliciously take up, remove or displace any rail, sleeper or other rails, sleep matter or thing belonging to any railway, or shall wilfully and maliciously turn, move or divert any points or other machinery belonging to any railway, or shall wilfully or maliciously make or show, hide or remove, any signal or light upon or near to any railway, or shall wilfully or maliciously do or cause to be done any other matter or thing with intent, in any of the engines, &c. cases aforesaid, to obstruct, upset, overthrow, injure or destroy any engine, tender, carriage, truck, using such railway, or to endanger the safety of any person travelling or being upon any such railway, every such person shall be guilty of felony, and be imprisoned for a term not exceeding seven years.



arrest con

or other ser

drunk or

X. It shall be lawful for any officer or agent Authority to of the railway Commissioners, or for any special ductor, en constable, duly appointed, and all such persons gine-driver, as they may call to their assistance, to seize and vant getting detain any conductor, engine driver, porter or any committing other servant in the employ of such Commissionoffences ers, who shall be found drunk while employed upon against any the railway, or commit any offence against any of the by-laws, rules or regulations of such ComEndangering missioners, or shall wilfully, maliciously or negliof any person gently do, or omit to do, any act whereby the on railway, life or limb of any person passing along or being ing engines, upon the railway or the works thereof, respect


life or limb

or obstruct


ively, shall be or might be injured or endangered or whereby the passage of any of the engines,

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