Transactions of the Sixth International Congress on Tuberculosis v. 3, Volume 3

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Fell, 1908
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La péritonite tuberculeuse du nourrisson
Tuberculosis of the Pericardium in Children
Des albuminuries intermittentes de lenfance considérées dans leurs relations avec
Children of the Tuberculous
The Occurrence of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Children of Tuberculous Parents
A Clinical Study of the Transmission and Progress of Tuberculosis in Children
Rôle de la contagion humaine dans la tuberculose infantile
Predisposing Factors
The Placental Transmission of Tuberculosis
De lair confiné et de la tuberculose
The Value and Reliability of Calmettes Ophthalmic Reaction to Tuberculin
A Report upon One Thousand Tuberculin Tests in Young Children
The Frequency of Tuberculosis in Childhood
Differential Cutaneous Reaction
Recent Tests in the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Children at the New York Post
An Aid to the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Infancy and Childhood by means of
Diagnostic Value of Lumbar Puncture in Acute Tuberculous Meningitis of Children
An Expeditious Method for the Detection of Tuberculosis among Schoolchildren
The Value of Childrens Gardens in Congested Neighborhoods for those Children
The Open
Relation of Tuberculosis to Parks and Playgrounds
Overcoming the Predisposition to Tuberculosis and the Danger from Infection
Oeuvre de la préservation de lenfance contre la tuberculose Section Lyonnaise
Hygiene of the Mouth Nares Pharynx Intestines Skin Mucous Membrane
The Seashore and Freshair Treatment at Sea Breeze Hospital
The Possibility of Avoiding Conspicuous Scar Formation in Softened Tuberculosis

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Page 634 - This exercise (F) can be easily taken while walking, sitting, or riding in the open air. Young girls and boys, and especially those who are predisposed to consumption, often acquire a habit of stooping. To overcome this, the following exercise (G) is to be recommended.
Page 177 - We now know that there should be a distinct line drawn between genital and urinary tuberculosis. Urinary tuberculosis begins always in the kidney, and then later descends into the ureter and invades the bladder. In the male, genital tuberculosis begins usually in the epididymis. occasionally in the prostate, follows the flow of the excretions and later invades the vas deferens and seminal vesicles, prostate and bladder. In the female, genital tuberculosis begins in the tubes and invades peritoneum...
Page 636 - ... the vocal apparatus, the upper air passages, the ear, the general health, the development of the chest, on metabolism, and on the activity of the digestive organs, and has come to the conclusion that singing is one of the exercises most conducive to health. Considering the fact that it can be...
Page 633 - The fifth breathing or respiratory exercise — E — , which may also be called a dry swim, requires more strength and endurance. It should not be undertaken until the others have been practiced regularly several times a day for a few weeks, and until an evident improvement in breathing and general wellbeing has been observed. One takes the usual military position of "attention...
Page 638 - The most common modes of infection during early childhood are perhaps the following: The consumptive mother caresses the child and kisses it on the mouth ; she prepares the food, tasting it to judge its temperature and flavor, through the same rubber nipple or with the same spoon the child uses, and thus unconsciously conveys the germs of her disease from her own mouth to that of the child. Later on the child will play on the floor of...
Page 178 - ... fact, there is a very close parallel between tuberculosis of bones and joints and tuberculosis of the urinary and genital organs. Both are hematogenous infections, both deuteropathic and secondary usually to an obscure lymphatic lesion. We are now well acquainted with hip tuberculosis and recognize it as a unilateral lesion, and regard bilateral hip disease as a rarity. Why should we doubt when we are told that kidney tuberculosis is also a unilateral disease? Why should it be bilateral ? Gonorrhea...
Page 182 - ... the best treatment. This should be combined with the well-recognized hygienic treatment of tuberculosis. In bilateral renal tuberculosis the treatment should be the hygienic treatment, plus the specific treatment with tuberculin, until at least the value of this method has been proven or disproven ; and in some cases, where especially indicated, such palliative surgical measures as nephrotomy and drainage may be of service. These well-established facts in regard to kidney tuberculosis should...
Page 547 - ... that dying children or those who were extremely sick did not, as a rule, react to any of the tests.
Page 181 - ... kidney tuberculosis. The subject is usually discussed in a short paragraph in the general chapter on tuberculosis, and is not mentioned at all in the sections on diseases of the kidney. This fact may in part explain the lack of information of the general practitioner on this subject. He has not had it properly presented to him. This fault should be corrected. Means must be found to instruct the family physicians that tuberculosis of the kidney is a common disease, that by proper methods the diagnosis...
Page 554 - Less than 1 year 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years . . 9 years 10 years 1 1 years 12 years 13 years 14 years 15 years 16 years 17 years 18 years 19 years...

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