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The writer, fully realizing the practical impossibility of any one individual possessing sufficient information of the various subjects discussed to treat of them authoritatively, has freely availed himself of information obtainable by him, and desires here to acknowledge his indebtedness to many bankers and business men for their kind interest in his work and the valuable data afforded him.

The entire manuscript, involving as it necessarily does many legal questions, has been submitted to Messrs. Redfield & Redfield, whom the writer desires especially to thank for their painstaking work. The author's thanks are also due to Mr. D. D. Sherman for his able advice as to many legal questions; to Mr. Frank H. Edmunds for information in regard to the presentation and protest of negotiable paper; to Mr. I. L. Carroll for valuable data in relation to stocks and bonds; and particularly to Mr. Maurice L. Muhleman, of the United States Sub-Treasury at New York, for his uniform courtesy in supplying the writer with statistical information, and especially in regard to the United States Sub-Treasury; and to Mr. William Sherer, the present manager of the New York Clearing House, for information in relation to that institution.

No one realizes more fully than the writer the liability to error in a work covering so large a field, the information for which must be drawn from many sources; and while he cannot even hope, despite his efforts to render his work as free from error as possible, a complete immunity therefrom, he asks for a fair consideration of the work in its entirety.

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