The Sanitary Inspector, Volume 1

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Maine State Board of Health, 1887

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Page 11 - To use this effectively three pounds of sulphur should be burned in a room ten feet square. Every opening into the room, flues, doors, windows, cracks and crevices, must be closed, except the door by which the disinfector is to escape. The sulphur is to be burned in an iron kettle or other vessel set in a tub containing a little water to guard against fire.
Page 24 - Changes in direction shall be made with curved pipes, and all connections with horizontal or vertical pipes shall be made with Y branches.
Page 84 - Issued by the State Board of Health of Maine. Scarlet Fever, Scarlatina, Scarlet Rash and Canker Rash are several names for one and the same disease. It is very desirable that only the name Scarlet Fever should be in general use, for so many names have wrought much confusion in the popular mind. Sometimes in scarlet fever the fever is high, sometimes mild. Sometimes the eruption is a vivid red rash, sometimes it is barely preceptible.
Page 108 - ... is. Permit no one to come to your home who has been where it is. From the dwelling and its vicinity banish all sources of filth, whether of the ground, of the water, or of the air. The ground under and around the house, if not naturally dry, should be thoroughly and deeply drained. Diphtheria does not come from far through the air, therefore do not shut up your house tightly, thinking thereby to shut out the disease.
Page 108 - The secretary of the local board of health, or the health officer, should immediately be notified and should co-operate with the physician to keep the disease from spreading. Children and parents from other houses should be warned ; and, if they needlessly and obstinately persist in coming, they should be driven away. Neither the nurse nor any other person should eat or drink anything in the sick room or anything which has been there. Food which the patient has left should be burned. Cats and dogs...
Page 30 - Whenever small-pox, diphtheria, scarlet fever, or other contagious disease shall appear in a town or school district it shall be the duty of the local board of health immediately to notify the teachers of the public schools in the neighborhood, of the fact, and it shall be the duty of all teachers and school officers when thus notified, or when otherwise they shall know or have good reason to believe that any such disease exists In any house in the neighborhood, to exclude from the schoolhouse all...
Page 50 - It has been proved over and over again that nothing is so costly in all ways as disease, and that nothing is so remunerative as the outlay which augments health, and in doing so, augments the amount and value of the work done.
Page 12 - Soiled under-clothing, bed linen, etc. : 1. Destruction by fire, if of little value. 2. Boiling for at least half an hour. 3. Immersion in a solution of mercuric chloride of the strength of 1 : 2000 for four hours.
Page 23 - The sewage from each building on every street provided with a common sewer shall be conducted into said sewer ; and, if such sewer is not provided, the sewage shall be disposed of in a manner satisfactory to the Board of Health. (Health Officer or Inspector.) 3.

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