Annual report of the State Department of Health of Maine. 1885

Front Cover
Sprague & Son, 1886

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Page 265 - ... the smallpox was always present, filling the churchyards with corpses, tormenting with constant fears all whom it had not yet stricken, leaving on those whose lives it spared the hideous traces of its power, turning the babe into a changeling at which the mother shuddered, and making the eyes and cheeks of the betrothed maiden objects of horror to the lover.
Page 265 - The havoc of the plague had been far more rapid : but the plague had visited our shores only once or twice within living memory ; and the smallpox was always present, filling the churchyards with corpses, tormenting with constant fears all whom it had not yet stricken...
Page 5 - ... day of December of each year; and the vacancies so created, as well as all vacancies occurring otherwise, shall be filled by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate...
Page 10 - the health of the people is the first duty of the Statesman," and no argument is needed to sustain such a self-evident truth.
Page 15 - The State Board of Health shall have the general supervision of the interests of health and life of the citizens of the State.
Page 273 - County and was an upright honest man: particularly noted for having been the first Person (known) that introduced the Cow Pox by inoculation, and who, from his great strength of mind made the experiment from the (Cow) on his wife and two sons in the year 1774.
Page 267 - The smallpox, so fatal and so general amongst us, is here entirely harmless by the invention of ingrafting, which is the term they give it. There is a set of old women who make it their business to perform the operation every autumn, in the month of September, when the great heat is abated. People send to one another to know if any of their family has a mind to have the smallpox ; they make parties...
Page 6 - He shall collect information concerning vital statistics, knowledge respecting diseases, and all useful information on the subject of hygiene, and through an annual report, and otherwise, as the Board may direct, shall disseminate such information among the people.
Page 9 - No sanitary improvement worth the name will be effective, whatever acts you pass, or whatever powers you confer upon public officers, unless you can create an intelligent interest in the matter among the people at large.
Page 6 - A majority shall he a quorum for the transaction of business. They shall choose one of their number to be their president, and may adopt rules and by-laws subject to the provisions of this act. They shall have authority to send their secretary, or a committee of the Board, to any part of the State, when deemed necessary to investigate the cause of any special or unusual disease or mortality.

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