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of Life" and "Tears," from A WAYSIDE HARP, by Lizette Woodworth Reese.

JOHN MURRAY: "Before Action," by William Noel Hodgson.

CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS: "A Pitcher of Mignonette" by Henry Cuyler Bunner from POEMS 1899. "Little Boy Blue" and "Wynken Blynken and Nod," from COLLECTED POEMS OF EUGENE FIELD by Eugene Field. "Ballade to Theocritus, In Winter" from BALLADES AND VERSES VAIN; and "The Odyssey," by Andrew Lang. "A Ballad of Trees and the Master" and "The Marshes of Glynn" from POEMS, by Sidney Lanier. "If This Were Faith" and "The Celestial Surgeon" from BALLADS AND OTHER POEMS, by Robert Louis Stevenson. "The Wind of Sorrow" from COLLECTED POEMS, by Henry Van Dyke. "A Lyrical Epigram," by Edith Wharton.

MARTIN SECKER LTD.: "The Old Ships" from COLLECTED POEMS, by James Elroy Flecker.

SIDGWICK & JACKSON LTD.: "From Ducks," reprinted by permission of the author and of the publishers, Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd., from DUCKS AND OTHER VERSES. by F. W. Harvey.

SMALL, MAYNARD & Co.: "Envoy" and "Over the Shoulders and Slopes of the Dune" from SONGS FROM VAGABONDIA; "From The Word at St. Kavin's" by Bliss Carman. "Comrades," "From Death Song" from THE MASQUE OF TALIESIN and "Vagabondia" from SONGS FROM VAGABONDIA, by Richard Hovey. Quatrain from THE HOUSE OF A HUNDRED LIGHTS, by Ridgely Torrence.

FREDERICK A. STOKES CO.: "Joy" from SHOES OF THE WIND, by Hilda Conkling.

HAROLD VINAL: "To One With Hands of Sleep," from NOR YOUTH NOR AGE.

YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS: "We" from WAMPUM AND OLD GOLD, by Hervey Allen. "Courage" and "I Love the Friendly Faces of Old Sorrows" from BURNING BUSH, by Karle Wilson Baker. "The Falconer of God" from THE FALCONER OF GOD and "His Ally" from MERCHANTS FROM CATHAY by William Rose Benét. "Portrait of a Boy" from YOUNG ADVENTURE, by Stephen Vincent Benét. "The Escape" from THE MIDDLE MILES, by Lee Wilson Dodd.

Thanks are due to the following magazines:

ATLANTIC MONTHLY: "On a Subway Express," by Chester Firkins.

THE BOOKMAN: "Epitaph for a Poet" from SKYLINES AND HORIZONS by DuBose Heyward.

CONTEMPORARY VERSE: "The Door," by Mary Carolyn Davies, "The Song of Dark Waters" and "A Street Car Symphony," by Roy Helton; "Comfort," by Margaret French Patton, and "Courage, Mon Ami!", by Willard Wattles.

HARPER'S MAGAZINE: "A Blackbird Suddenly," by Joseph Auslander.


For their kind permissions, thanks are also due to:

Franklin P. Adams: “The Rich Man” and “Villanelle, with Stevenson's Assistance," from TOBOGGANING ON PARNASSUS; and "Such Stuff as Dreams." Hervey Allen: "We," from WAMPUM AND Old Gold. Joseph Auslander: "A Blackbird Suddenly." Katharine Lee Bates: "The Creed of the Wood," from THE RETINUE. William Rose Benét: "The Falconer of God" from THE FALCONER OF GOD and "His Ally" from MERCHANTS FROM CATHAY. E. F. Benson: "Prayer" from THE IMAGE IN THE SAND.

Lawrence Binyon: "For Mercy, Courage, Kindness, Mirth" from SELECTED POEMS OF LAWRENCE BINYON. Anna Hempstead Branch: "Gladness"; and "So I May Feel the Hands of God" from ROSE O' THE WIND. Sarah N. Cleghorn: "An Air of Coolness Plays Upon His Face," "The Anodyne," "For Sleep When Overtired Or Worried," "O Altitudo!" "To Safeguard the Heart from Hardness," from FELLOW CAPTAINS. Isabel Fiske Conant: "Angler" and "Kind Sleep" from FRONTIER. Helen Gray Cone: "The Spark" from THE COAT WITHOUT A SEAM. William H. Davies: "Ale," "Leisure," "Sadness and Joy" and "Songs of Joy" from COLLECTED POEMS. Lee Wilson Dodd: "The Escape"; "More Life. . . . More!" from A MODERN ALCHEMIST. Louise Driscoll: "God's Pity." John Erskine: "Dedication" from COLLECTED POEMS. Florence Wilkinson Evans: "The Flower Factory" from THE RIDE HOME. Arthur Davidson Ficke: "Portrait of an Old Woman." Chester Firkins, by permission of Miss Ina Firkins, holder of the copyright: "On a Subway Express.' Hamlin Garland:. "Do You Fear the Wind?" Theodosia Garrison: "Compensation" and "One Fight More." "Sleep Sweet," by permission of Mrs. Helen Granville Barker, daughter of Ellen M. Huntington Gates. Arthur Guiterman: "Strictly Germ-Proof" from THE LAUGHING MUSE. Hermann Hagedorn: "Discovery"; "Flood Tide" and "Ladders Through the Blue" from LADDERS THROUGH THE BLUE. F. W. Harvey: "From Ducks," Oliver Herford: "The Chimpanzee." DuBose DuBose Heyward: "Epitaph for a Poet" from SKYLINES AND HORIZONS. M. A. DeWolfe Howe: "At the Heart," "The Helmsman" and "A Treasure House." Robinson Jeffers: "A California Vignette," "Not Our Good Luck," "Salmon Fishing," "Suicide's Stone,' "Suicide's Stone," "To the Stone Cutters," "From Tamar" from TAMAR. Archibald

Lampman, by permission of his literary executor, Duncan Campbell Scott: "Midsummer Night" from POEMS OF ARCHIBALD LAMPMAN. Russell Hillard Loines, by permission of his executor, Mrs. Katharine Loines: "On a Magazine Sonnet." Haniel Long: "Dead Men Tell No Tales." Walter de la Mare: "Tartary." Edwin Markham: "The Man with the Hoe" from THE MAN WITH THE HOE; "Outwitted" and "Victory in Defeat" from THE SHOES OF HAPPINESS. Don Marquis: "Unrest" and "Spring Ode" from NOAH AN' JONAH AN' CAP'N JOHN SMITH. Brander Matthews: "The Ballade of Adaptation." Marjorie Meeker: "Walls." Scudder Middleton: "A Woman." Virginia Moore: "Courage." Shaemas O'Sheel: "Exultation." Lilla Cabot Perry: "Death, Life, Fear" and "Horseman Springing from the Dark: A Dream." Harold Trowbridge Pulsifer: "Ecstasy" and "The Riderless Horse" from MOTHERS AND MEN. Lizette Woodworth Reese: "Heroism," "A Little Song of Life" and "Tears" from A WAYSIDE HARP. Jessie B. Rittenhouse: "My Wage" from THE DOOR OF DREAMS and "The Secret" from THE LIFTED CUP. Charles G. D. Roberts: "All Night the Lone Cicada." Edwin Arlington Robinson: "From Captain Craig" from COLLECTED POEMS. James Rorty: "The Bell" and "Escape." George Francis Savage-Armstrong, by permission of Mrs. Savage Armstrong: "One in the Infinite." Duncan Campbell Scott: "An August Mood," "Be Strong!" "Idle to Grieve" and "A Road Song." Leonora Speyer: "Measure Me, Sky!" from A CANOPIC JAR: "From Of Mountains," "Protest in Passing" and "Duet." George Sterling: "The Balance." Sara Teasdale: "In the Wood"; "Lessons" from LOVE SONGS. The late Edith M. Thomas: SURSUM CORDA. Wilfrid Thorley: "Buttercups." Nancy Byrd Turner: "Concerning Brownie," "Going

up to London" and "To a Staring Baby in a Perambulator." Jean Starr Untermeyer: "Nature Cure." Louis Untermeyer: "Spratt vs. Spratt" from "-AND OTHER POEMS"; "Prayer" and "Voices" from CHALLENGE. Henry Van Dyke: "The Wind of Sorrow" from COLLECTED POEMS. Harold Vinal: "To One with Hands of Sleep from NOR YOUTH NOR AGE. May Williams Ward: "My House." Carolyn Wells (Mrs. Hadwin Houghton): "A Penitential Week." Grace Hoffman White: "Unvanquished," from WINGS TO DARE. William Butler Yeats: "Into the Twilight,' "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," "An Old Song Resung" and "When You are Old" from LATER POEMS; "To a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Nothing" and "To His Heart, Bidding It Have No Fear" from COLLECTED POEMS.

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For suggestion and criticism the editor is especially grateful to his friends: Mr. Stephen Vincent Benét, Mr. Hermann Hagedorn, Mr. DuBose Heyward, Miss Winifred Heath, Dr. Everett Dean Martin, Miss Mary Sandall, Dr. Edwin Arlington Robinson and Mrs. Ernst Filsinger (Sara Teasdale); to his friend Mr. Louis Untermeyer for a creative criticism of the manuscript, and for radically rewriting his poem, "Spratt vs. Spratt," with a view to its use here as a "Mental Cocktail"; to Mrs. Sybil Hastings for her devoted labors with the proofs and in preparing the indices; to the New York Society Library, the New York Public Library, and its Library School for many forms of generous assistance; to the audiences who have responded to the editor's lectures on this subject, with information about poems which have proved of therapeutic value; and more than all to the late Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, to whose generous advice and encouragement in 1910 this book is deeply indebted.

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