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Forty-Eighth General Assembly





Compiled by CORNELIUS ROACH, Secretary of State,

in compliance with section 8067, R. S. 1909


(H. B. 1070.)

APPROPRIATIONS: Contingent and Incidental Expenses for

Years 1915 and 1916.

AN act to appropriate money for the support of the state government, the payment of

contingent and the incidental expenses of the state departments, public printing and for the payment of certain other demands against the state for which no appropriation has heretofore been made, for the years 1915 and 1916, appropriating money for the construction and improvement of public roads, providing an emergency appropriation to be used in case of destruction by fire, lightning, windstorm or tornado, and providing certain restrictions for said act, with an emergency clause.



SECTION 1. Appropriations for 1915 and 1916, 27. Apprehension of criminals.

contingent and incidental expenses. 28. Expenses of circuit judges. 2. Adjutant-general's office.

28a. Salary and expenses of circuit judge Agricultural extension (Smith-Lever



of 38th judicial circuit. act).

28b. Salary of two additional circuit judges 4. Missouri agricultural experiment sta

in city of St. Louis. tion.

29. For diseased animals slaughtered. 5. Board of agriculture.

30. Domestic and foreign investment de6. Attorney-general's office.

partment. 7. Special appropriation for attorney- 32. Excise commissioners, St. Louis county general's office.

-contingent. 8. Automobile registration.

Excise commissioner, city of St. Louis. 9. State auditor's office.

35. Executive mansion. 10. State banking department.

36. Factory inspection. 11. Beer inspection.

37. County farm advisors. 13. Building and loan.

38. State fair. 14. Readers for indigent blind students. 39. State fair. 14a. Blind commission.

Fruit experiment station, Mountain 15. Repairs capitol buildings.

Grove. 16. State capitol fund to capitol building 41. Food and drug commissioner. fund.

42. State fish hatcheries. 16a. Capitol tax fund to capitol building 43a. Ozark state fish hatchery. fund.

44. Fish and game commissioner. 16b. Capitol bond sinking fund.

45. Expenses fund commissioners. 17. Kansas City court of appeals.

46. Bureau of geology and mines. 18. Springfield court of appeals.

47. Governor's office. 19. Springfield court of appeals, Poplar 48. Board of health and vital statistics. Bluff division.

49. State board of health. 20. St. Louis court of appeals.

50. State historical society. 21.

Salaries of Missouri supreme court 50a. Highway department.

commission, Springfield court of 50b. State board of horticulture.
appeals commission, Kansas City 51. Hotel inspection fund.
court of appeals commission and


State aid to certain high schools.
St. Louis court of appeals com- 53. Immigration.
mission, for supervision of publica- 54. Insurance department.
tion of opinions and syllabi.

54a. Insurance-rating of premiums. 22. General contingent fund.

55. To counties from foreign insurance, Board of charities and corrections.

1915 and 1916. 24. Expenses auditing and junketing com- 55a. From insurance to revenue fund. mittees.

56. Bureau of labor statistics. University--promote growing of im- 57. Department of land reclamation. proved corn.

58. Lieutenant-governor's office. 26. Criminal costs.

59. Pay of legatees from escheat fund,




59a. Board of mediation and arbitration.


Missouri library commission.

61. Mine inspectors.

618. Mark Twain monument.

62. Support national guard.

63. State board of nurses.

64. Missouri naval reserve.

65. Contingent expense of state oil in-


66. Osteopathic registration board.

67. Panama-Pacific exposition.

67a. Ex-confederate soldiers pensions.

67b. Missouri state penitentiary.

67c. Twine plant revolving fund.

67d. Earnings Missouri penitentiary fund.

68. State poultry experiment station.

69. Printing.


State board of pharmacy.


Printing documents.

72. Board of pardons and paroles.

73. Public service commission-contin-

gent expenses.

73a. Missouri reformatory, Boonville.

74. Relief of H. B. Clay.

75. For the relief of Dunklin county fair

and live stock company.

75c. Relief of Peters-Eichler Heating Co.

76. For the relief of Forest Groen fair.

Relief of Chester F. Healy.


Relief of Catherine Matthews.

80. For the relief of John H. Nolen.

81. For the relief of the Sturgeon fair


81a, County fair associations.

82. Relief of rural school districts.

83. Relief of Missouri code commission.

84, Relief of Missouri insurance com-


84a. Relief of Missouri statutes commission.

84b. Relief of Missouri election commission.

85. Relief of Joseph E. Black.

86. Relief of Sanford B. Ladd.

87. For the relief of Frank M. Carter.

87a. Relief of H. B. Johnson, administrator.

87b. Relief of E. C. Higgins.

87c. Relief of James L. Marlow.

88. Relief of sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, con-

stables and marshals.



89a. To counties from general state road



90. To counties from road fund from

sale of stamps.

91. Transfer funds good roads to general

state road fund.

91a. Appropriation for monument of Alex-

ander W. Doniphan.

92. Rural high schools.

93. Teachers' training courses in high


94. Sterling Price monument.

95. Teachers' training courses in high


96. Secretary of state-corporation regis-


97. Secretary of state's office.

97a. Secretary of state-purchase court


98. Secretary of state, copying field notes.

99. Soil experiment.


State soil survey.

101. Purchase of stamps for futures,

salary special clerk and incidental

expenses enforcing law,

102. Supreme court-contingent.

103. Stenographers supreme court com-


104. Supreme court commission.

105. For contingent expense of superin-

tendent of public schools.

106. County superintendents of schools.

107. County superintendents of schools-


108. Stationery.

109. Books for state library.

110. Repairs of supreme court building

and improvement of grounds.

111. State treasurer's office.

112. Expenses stato veterinary examining


113. Memorial national park at Vicksburg,


114. Warehouse commissioner and grain

inspection department.

115. Expense accounts for board and

lodging of person or employes of

state-how paid.

116. Excess—how chargeable.

117. Excess accruing to funds, how ap-


118. Emergency.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri, as follows:

Section 1. Appropriations for 1915 and 1916, contingent and

incidental expenses.—There is hereby appropriated out of the state
treasury, chargeable to the revenue fund, unless otherwise pro-
vided for, for the contingent expenses and other incidental ex-
penses of the several departments of the state government, and for
experimental and educational purposes, and for reliefs in certain
cases and for an emergency appropriation, for the years 1915 and
1916, commencing on the first day of January, 1915, and ending on
the 31st day of December, 1916, as follows:

Sec. 2. Adjutant-general's office. For the contingent expenses of the office of the adjutant-general including postage, expressage, telephoning and telegraphing, rewriting war records and administering the confederate soldiers' pension fund and other miscellaneous expenses, thirteen thousand dollars ($13,000.00). Sec. 3. Agricultural extension (Smith-Lever act)

.There is hereby appropriated out of any money in the state treasury, chargeable to the general revenue fund, the sum of sixty-five thousand two hundred sixty-eight dollars ($65,268.00), payable to the Missouri college of agriculture in like manner as other appropriations for said college. Said money to be spent by said college of agriculture for extension work in agriculture among the farmers of Missouri, upon plans approved by the United States department of agriculture and in compliance with an act of the United States government, known as the Smith-Lever agricultural extension act.

Sec. 4. Missouri agricultural experiment station. There is hereby appropriated out of any money in the state treasury chargeable to the general revenue fund the sum of thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00) for the use of the Missouri agricultural experiment station, to be paid in like manner as the appropriations for the state college of agriculture, and to be expended for agricultural investigations in the feeding and breeding of live stock, the dairy industry, the cultivation of farm crop and soil fertility, improved methods of fruit growing and spraying, plant diseases and in other investigation tending to further the agricultural interests of the state.

Sec. 5. Board of agriculture.—There is hereby appropriated out of the state revenue fund, to the state board of agriculture, the sum of one hundred forty-three thousand five hundred and thirty dollars and thirty cents ($143,530.30), as follows: Farmers' institutes, including women's institutes.. $25,000.00 Farmers' week ...

1,000.00 Expense members attending meeting of board.

3,000.00 Office expense. ...

2,000.00 Office furniture and equipment.

1,130.00 Postage.....

4,000.00 Crop reports and bulletins..

8,000.00 Salaries of officers, janitors, stenographers and clerk hire....

15,000.00 Printing and distribution of annual reports, or yearbooks...

15,000.00 State veterinary service

45,000.00 Bureau of dairying.

19,400.00 Emergency crops, alfalfa, better seeding and Missouri products campaign.

5,500.00 All moneys appropriated in the preceding section shall be used for the purposes enumerated; and any liability or debt incurred in excess of the amount herein appropriated shall be chargeable to the person or persons authorizing the same.

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