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Thirty-fourth Legislature First Called Session.

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Proclamation By the Governor.

The Chair here directed the read

the Governor:

In obedience to the call of His Excellency, Hon. Jas. E. Ferguson, Governor of the State of Texas, convening the Thirty-fourth Legislature in Special Session this, the 29th day ing of the following proclamation by of April, 1915, the Senate met in the Senate Chamber of the Capitol in the city of Austin at 10 o'clock a. m. and was called to order by Lieutenant Governor W. P. Hobby.

Temporary Officers.

The Chair announced the appointment of the following temporary officers: Secretary, W. V. Howerton, of Travis county; Journal Clerk, R. M. Gilmore, of Shelby county; Sergeant-at-Arms, M. F. Hornbuckle, of Bosque county; Doorkeeper, E. I. Kellie, of Jasper county; Calendar Clerk, J. C. Stanberry, of Tarrant county.

Governor's Office,

Austin, Texas, April 26, 1915. Whereas, The Thirty-fourth Legislature of the State of Texas in pursuance of a concurrent resolution, theretofore adopted, adjourned the Regular Session of said Thirty-fourth Legislature at noon on March 20, 1915, without making appropriations for the support of the State Government, as provided by the Constitution shall be done.

Now, therefore, the failure of the Legislature to pass such appropriation bill creates an extraordinary occasion, justifying the Governor to convene the Legislature in extra session, and in pursuance of the powers vested in me under the Constitution of the State of Texas, I do hereby call the said Thirty-fourth LegislaThe Chair directed the Secretary ture to convene in extra session in to call the roll of the Senate. A the State Capitol in the city of Ausquorum was present, the following tin, beginning at 10 o'clock a. Senators answered to their names: Thursday, on the 29th day of April, 1915, for the following purposes, towit:

Roll Call.


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1. To make appropriations for the support of the State Government and its institutions, and the repair, restoration and erection of necessary public buildings for the fiscal years beginning September 1, 1915, and ending August 31, 1917.

2. The special consideration of the question of change and modification of our insurance laws with respect to the investment of their reserve and the assessment, levy and collection of a tax on the premium receipts from policy holders; same being Articles 4775 to 4786, inclusive, Revised Statutes; the law to be so modified and changed being

generally known as "The Robertson Insurance Law."

After careful consideration, I have decided to recommend that the present insurance law, with reference to foreign insurance companies, be so changed and modified as to conform to and be in accordance with the bill introduced by Senator Gibson at the last session of your body, and generally known as the "Gibson Bill;" with the exception that the question of taxes, lawfully due and owing to the State by any company or hereafter doing business in this State, be left to the decision of the courts without prejudice to the rights of the State or such companies.


The Chair appointed Senators Townsend, Darwin and Brelsford as a committee to escort Senator Wiley to the President's stand, whereupon Lieutenant Governor Hobby administered the constitutional oath of office to him.

Senator Wiley was introduced to the Senate and made a brief address.


On motion of Senator Clark, the Senate, at 10:25 o'clock, recessed until 3 o'clock today.

After Recess.
(Afternoon Session.)

The Senate was called to order by
I Lieutenant Governor Hobby.

If our people want to buy insurance, they ought to have the privilege to buy the best. If they want to borrow money, they ought to have the privilege to get the cheapest. am exceedingly anxious that every member give this legislation his careful consideration, and I trust such legislation upon this question will be passed as will invite, promote and protect the investment of foreign capital in Texas.

3. To consider and act upon such other matters as may be presented by the Governor, pursuant to Section 40 of Article 3 of the Constitution of Texas.

In Testimony Whereof, I hereunto
sign my name and affix the Seal of
State at Austin, Texas, this the 26th
day of April, A. D. 1915.
(Signed) JAS. E. FERGUSON,
Governor of Texas.
By the Governor:

Secretary of State.

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Committee From House.

appeared and notified the Senate that
Here a committee from the House
for business.
the House was organized and ready

Report of Caucus Committee.
By Senator Brelsford:

A caucus of the members of the Senate met in the office of the Secretary at 11 a. m. Thursday, April 29, 1915.

Senator J. C. McNealus was elected chairman of the caucus and Senator Brelsford secretary.

Upon motion, the following employes were recommended to the Senate to constitute the list of employes for the First Called Session of the Thirty-fourth Legislature:

1. Each Seantor is authorized to appoint one stenographer, said employe to be a competent typewriter and stenographer.

2. The Lieutenant Governor is authorized to appoint a private secretary and messenger and also such porters and pages as he thinks advisable.

3. The following are recommended as the officers of the Senate for the ensuing Special Session:

Secretary of the Senate, W. V. Howerton.

Assistant Secretary of the Senate, J. D. McCall.

Sergeant-at-Arms, M.


F. Horn- the Senate and were administered the oath of office by Lieutenant Gov

Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, J. A. ernor Hobby: W. V. Howerton, Kenny.

Journal Clerk, R. M. Gilmore. Assistant Journal Clerk, T. H. Yarbrough.

Calendar Clerk, J. C. Stanberry. Engrossing Clerk, F. P. Smith. Assistant Engrossing Clerk, Miss Ann Howe.

Enrolling Clerk, J. J. Albright. Assistant Enrolling Clerk, Osborn Conner.

Doorkeeper, Capt. E. I. Kellie. Assistant Doorkeeper, I. D. Eagan. Chaplain, Rev. S. H. Morgan. Postmistress, Mrs. Clyde D. Smith. Mailing Clerks, Homer Prince, Ghent Sanderford.

Notarial Clerk, Miss Jessie Thurmond.

The caucus respectfully recommends to the Senate the election of the above named list of officers and employes, and the adoption of the committee caucus suggestions with respect to the employment of stenographers, porters and pages; also that each stenographer act as secretary of such committee as the Senator so appointing may be chair

man of.

The committee also recommends that all employes be paid $5.00 per day, with the exception of pages and porters, who shall be paid $2.00 per day.


Chairman of the Caucus.

Secretary of the Caucus. The above was read, and Senator Bee moved that the report be amended SO as to read "that all employes of the Senate receive the same salary received during the Regular Session of the Thirty-fourth Legislature.

The amendment was adopted.
The report was then adopted.

Election of Officers. Senator Clark moved that the Secretary of the Senate be instructed to cast the ballot of the entire Senate for all the elective officers named in the above report.

The motion was adopted, and the officers were declared elected.

Oath of Office Administered to


Here the following officers appeared en masse before the bar of

Secretary; J. D. McCall, Assistant Secretary; M. F. Hornbuckle, Sergeant-at-Arms; J. A. Kenny, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms; R. M. Gilmore, Journal Clerk; T. H. Yarbrough, Assistant Journal Clerk; J. C. Stanberry, Calendar Clerk; F. P. Smith, Engrossing Clerk; Miss Ann Howe, Assistant Engrossing Clerk; J. J. Albright, Enrolling Clerk; Osborn Conner, Assistant Enrolling Clerk; E. I. Kellie, Doorkeeper, and I. D. Eagan, Assistant Doorkeeper.

[blocks in formation]


Secretary to Lieutenant Governor Hobby-C. S. Knobelsdorf, of Travis county.

1915, by the proclamation of the Private
Governor, providing how accounts
may be approved, and declaring an

Read first time, and referred to
Committee on Finance.

By Senator Cowell:

S. B. No. 3, A bill to be entitled "An Act making appropriations to pay salaries of judges, and for the support of the judicial department of the State Government for two years, beginning September 1, 1915, and ending August 31, 1917, and declaring an emergency."

Read first time, and referred to Committee on Finance.

By Senator Cowell:

Special Messenger to Lieutenant
Governor-J. S. Crawford.

Porters Ellis Monroe, Irwin
Hatcher, Horace Nichols, Green Men-
darvis, Andrew Murphy, Buck

Governor's Message.

The following message was received from the Governor:

Governor's Office,

Austin, Tex., April 29, 1915. For reasons set forth in an official proclamation, you have been reS. B. No. 4, A bill to be entitled spectfully reconvened in special ses"An Act making appropriations for sion, and I trust that your rest from the support of the State Government the arduous labor of the regular sesfor two years, beginning September sion has been such as to bring you 1, 1915, and ending August 31. back with renewed hope and ambi1917, and for other purposes, and tion to continue your deliberations. prescribing certain regulations and restrictions in respect thereto, and declaring an emergency."

Read first time, and referred to Committee on Finance.

By Senator Cowell:

I again invite your earnest co-operation, and indulge the hope that harmony and good will will, as usual, pervade your councils, thereby enabling us all to think right and do right. I tender you my best wishes, and I shall as usual endeavor to assist you in the great work before you.

S. B. No. 5, A bill to be entitled "An Act making appropriations to pay the salaries of officers and emYou have been especially reconployes of certain eleemosynary insti-vened to consider the question of the tutions of the State, and other ex- appropriation of the public money penses of maintaining and conducting for the support of the government. them, as follows, to wit: State Orphans' Home, Confederate Home, be guided by that wise principle of I am sure that you will practice and Confederate Woman's Home, Blind Institute, Deaf and Dumb Institute, proval of the people. However, wise economy that will receive the apEpileptic Colony, Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institute for Colored Youths, economy does not in any sense mean State Institution for the Training of niggardly economy. While the total Juveniles, Tuberculosis Sanitarium of the appropriation bill should be at Carlsbad, State Lunatic Asylum, kept within reasonable bounds, yet Southwestern Lunatic Asylum, and the great question should be, not North Texas Hospital for the Insane; how much we have spent, but State Training School for Girls, and reality we should concern ourselves Walter Colquitt Memorial Hospital, as to how the money was spent. We and declaring an emergency.' need not fear criticism should the Read first time, and referred to total amount be large, if we are able Committee on Finance. to look the world in the face and defend every dollar we have spent.

Appointments by Lieutenant



The proclamation for the special session submits for your consideration the question of change and modification of our insurance laws in rePages Arthur Lebovitz, Clinton spect to the investment of the reHopkins, William Atkinson, Pat serve, as well as the assessment, levy McDaniels, Valta Layne, A. W. Ken- and collection of a tax on the prenard, Stewart Francis, Carl Reese, mium receipts from the policyholdWendell Dove. ers. Your knowledge of this ques

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