Western Druggist, Volume 8

Front Cover
G.P. Engelhard & Company, 1886

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Page 138 - ... or substitutes a different article for any article prescribed or ordered, or puts up a greater or less quantity of any article than that prescribed or ordered, or otherwise deviates from...
Page 170 - We are in the case of Tarpeia who opened the gates of the Roman citadel to the Sabines and was crushed under the weight of the reward bestowed upon her.
Page 286 - Act, the date of the sale, the name and address of the purchaser, the name and quantity of the article sold...
Page 170 - It looks as if the scientific, like other revolutions, meant to devour its own children ; as if the growth of science tended to overwhelm its votaries ; as if the man of science of the future were condemned to diminish into a narrower and narrower specialist, as time goes on.
Page 15 - Envelop the body in a sheet thoroughly saturated with : — 1. Chloride of lime in solution, 4 per cent. 2. Mercuric chloride in solution, 1 : 500.
Page 138 - With the intent that the same may be sold as unadulterated or undiluted, adulterates or dilutes wine, milk, distilled spirits or malt liquor, or any drug, medicine, food or drink, for man or beast; or, 2. Knowing that the same has been adulterated or diluted, offers for sale or sells the same as unadulterated or undiluted, or without disclosing or informing the purchaser that...
Page 172 - Iowa; one of whom shall hold his office for one year, one for two years, and the other for three years, and each until his successor shall be appointed and qualified; and each year thereafter another Commissioner shall be so appointed for three years, and until a successor be appointed and qualified. If a vacancy occur in said Commission, another shall be appointed, as aforesaid, to fill the unexpired term thereof.
Page 15 - Mercuric chloride, 1 : 1,000; recommended only for the hands, or for washing away infectious material from a limited area, not as a bath for the entire surface of the body. FOR THE DEAD. Envelop the body in a sheet thoroughly saturated with: 1. Chloride of lime in solution, 4 per cent.
Page 15 - Soiled under-clothing, bed linen, etc. : 1. Destruction by fire, if of little value. 2. Boiling for at least half an hour. 3. Immersion in a solution of mercuric chloride of the strength of 1 : 2000 for four hours.
Page 172 - Poison," and the name and place of business of the seller. Nor shall it be lawful for any person to...

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