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Page 281 - And she may still exist in undiminished vigour when some traveller from New Zealand shall, in the midst of a vast solitude, take his stand on a broken arch of London Bridge to sketch the ruins of St. Paul's.
Page 55 - Iliacos intra muros peccatur et extra. rursus, quid virtus et quid sapientia possit, utile proposuit nobis exemplar Ulixen, qui domitor Troiae multorum providus urbes et mores hominum inspexit, latumque per aequor, 20 dum sibi, dum sociis reditum parat, aspera multa pertulit, adversis rerum inmersabilis undis.
Page 485 - And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the LORD descended upon it in fire : and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.
Page 281 - ... and leave a desert in its room. What cities as great as this have once triumphed in existence, had their victories as great, joy as just and as unbounded, and with short-sighted presumption promised themselves immortality. Posterity can hardly trace the situation of some. The sorrowful traveller wanders over the awful ruins of others ; and as he beholds he learns wisdom, and feels the transience of every sublunary possession. Here...
Page 282 - The next Augustan age will dawn on the other side of the Atlantic. There will, perhaps, be a Thucydides at Boston, a Xenophon at New York, and, in time, a Virgil at Mexico, and a Newton at Peru. At last, some curious traveller from Lima will visit England and give a description of the ruins of St. Paul's...
Page 159 - A •ervant's strict regard for truth," said he, " must be weakened by such a practice. A philosopher may know that it is merely a form of denial ; but few servants are such nice distinguishers.
Page 169 - In general, I do not draw well with literary men; not that I dislike them, but I never know what to say to them after I have praised their last publication.
Page 462 - Involv'd in tempests, and a night of clouds ; And, from the middle darkness flashing out. By fits he deals his fiery bolts about.
Page 174 - I dined with your secretary yesterday ; there were Garrick and a young Mr. Burke/ who wrote a book in the style of lord Bolingbroke, that was much admired. He is a sensible man, but has not worn off his authorism yet, and thinks there is nothing so charming as writers, and to be one. He will know better one of these days.
Page 414 - Though the name and authority of the court of Rome were so terrible in the remote countries of Europe, which were sunk in profound ignorance, and were entirely unacquainted with its character and conduct, the pope was so little revered at home that his inveterate enemies surrounded the gates of Rome itself and even controlled his government in that city; and the ambassadors, who, from a distant extremity of Europe, carried to him the humble, or rather abject, submissions of the greatest...

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