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Cupples, Upham, 1883 - 285 pages

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Page 93 - IF the red slayer think he slays, Or if the slain think he is slain, They know not well the subtle ways I keep, and pass, and turn again. Far or forgot to me is near ; Shadow and sunlight are the same ; The vanished gods to me appear; And one to me are shame and fame. They reckon ill who leave me out ; When me they fly, I am the wings ; I am the doubter and the doubt, And I the hymn the Brahmin sings.
Page 75 - Forty times over let Michaelmas pass, Grizzling hair the brain doth clear — Then you know a boy is an ass, Then you know the worth of a lass, Once you have come to Forty Year. Pledge me round, I bid ye declare, All good fellows whose beards are...
Page 93 - They reckon ill who leave me out; When me they fly, I am the wings; I am the doubter and the doubt, And I the hymn the Brahmin sings. The strong gods pine for my abode, And pine in vain the sacred Seven; But thou, meek lover of the good! Find me, and turn thy back on heaven.
Page 277 - The heroes' happy isles shall be The bright abode allotted thee. " I'll wreath my sword in myrtle bough, The sword that laid Hipparchus low, When at Athena's adverse fane He knelt, and never rose again. " While Freedom's name is understood, You shall delight the wise and good ; You dared to set your country free, And gave her laws equality."* ? 7.
Page 255 - ... restless way, Tumultuous and unstable world ! Thou passest on ! Time hath not seen Delay upon thy hurried path, And prayers and tears alike have been In vain to stay thy course of wrath ! Thou passest on, and with thee go The loves of youth, the cares of age, And smiles and tears and joy and...
Page 275 - With shrilling clangour sounds the alarm of war, Struck from the walls, the echoes float on high, And the round bulwarks and thick towers reply; So high his brazen voice the hero rear'd: Hosts dropp'd their arms, and trembled as they heard: And back the chariots roll, and coursers bound, And steeds and men lie mingled on the ground. Aghast they see the living lightnings play, And turn their eyeballs from the flashing ray. Thrice from the trench his dreadful voice he raised, And thrice they fled,...
Page 274 - ... the charms That call fame on such gentle acts as these, And he can spread thy name o'er lands and seas, Whatever clime the sun's bright circle warms. Lift not thy spear against the Muses' bower : The great Emathian conqueror bid spare The house of Pindarus, when temple and tower Went to the ground ; and the repeated air Of sad Electra's poet had the power To save the Athenian walls from ruin bare.
Page 277 - Harmodius, thou never shalt die ! The poets exultingly tell, That thine is the fulness of joy, Where Achilles and Diomed dwell.
Page 61 - And banners trailing, Attend him home, — The youthful warrior comes. Upon his shield, Upon his shield returning, Borne from the field of honor Where he fell ; Glory and grief, together clasped In mourning, His fame, his fate With sobs exulting tell. Wrap round his breast The flag his breast defended, — His country's flag, In battle's front unrolled ; For it he died — 'On earth forever ended His brave young life Lives in each sacred fold.
Page 275 - Achilles' head the splendours rise, ^Reflecting blaze on blaze against the skies. Forth march'd the chief, and, distant from the crowd, High on the rampart raised his voice aloud. With her own shout Minerva swells the sound, Troy starts astonish'd, and the shores rebound. As the loud trumpet's brazen mouth from far, With...

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