The Medical News, Volume 48

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Lea Brothers & Company, 1886

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Page 75 - The safest mode of remittance is by bank check or postal money order, drawn to the order of the undersigned. Where these are not accessible, remittances for the "JOURNAL" may be made at the risk of the publisher, by forwarding in REGISTERED letters.
Page 339 - But no one can be considered as a regular practitioner, or a fit associate in consultation, whose practice is based on an exclusive dogma, to the rejection of the accumulated experience of the profession, and of the aids actually furnished by anatomy, physiology, pathology, and organic chemistry.
Page 339 - It is derogatory to the dignity of the profession, to resort to public advertisements or private cards or handbills, inviting the attention of individuals affected with particular diseases — publicly offering advice and medicine to the poor gratis, or promising radical cures ; or to publish cases and operations in the daily prints or...
Page 411 - I venture to lay down a surgical law, that in every case of disease in the abdomen or pelvis, in which the health is destroyed or life threatened, aud in -which the condition is not evidently due to malignant disease, an exploration of the cavity should be made.
Page 354 - ... all the axes lying in planes at right angles to this line are correspondingly lengthened, with a proportional lengthening of their circumferences, and separation of their meridians ; so that the direct depressing force is converted into an indirect disruptive force acting at right angles to the direction of the former. The effect is to produce a fissure, or fissures, which will have a general meridional direction.
Page 336 - The rates given to the Delegates to the American Medical Association, meeting May 4, in St. Louis, have been fixed by the different Railroad Committees of 'the country, at one and one-third fares for the round trip. Delegates must pay full fare coming, and will receive, on application, from the Agent at...
Page 334 - ... seem advisable to continue the treatment. That the thialion caused the expulsion of the concretions, there can be no question. The patient complained of a severe renal colic the night before the crystals were voided, evidencing their passage through the ureters, from the kidneys into the bladder. In the January number of the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Dr. Simon has presented an exceedingly interesting and instructive article on the subject of Cystinuria, and has tabulated 107 cases—which...
Page 238 - The use of cocaine in the alcoholic and opium inebriates is not satisfactory; while it is a more or less perfect substitute, yet its use is attended with greater danger than alcohol or opium. 3. The use of cocaine in mental depression, if we carefully guard against the depressing effects of the drug upon digestion and assimilation, will often give better results than any drug hitherto used. 4. The use of cocaine in neurasthenia is a valuable addition to the treatment. 5. The drug, if administered...
Page 435 - That chronic tea poisoning is a frequent affection, and that its most common symptoms are loss of appetite, dyspepsia, palpitation, headache, vomiting and nausea, combined with nervousness and various forms of functional nervous affections, hysterical or neuralgic. These symptoms are frequently accompanied by constipation and pain in the left side or cardiac region.
Page 83 - The following officers were then elected for the ensuing year: President.— Dr.

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