How Much Does Your Soul Weigh?: Diet-Free Solutions to Your Food, Weight, and Body Worries

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Harper Collins, 2004 M08 10 - 272 pages

Dr. Dorie McCubbrey knows firsthand how difficult it can be to struggle with weight and self–image: she began dieting at age ten, and spent fifteen years battling anorexia, bulimia, and overeating. A trained therapist and author of the successful self–published Dr. Dorie's Don't Diet Book, she approaches weight problems by exploring patients߭ental attitudes toward themselves and their appearance.

In this book, she explains her theory of ⨮tuitive self–care,⟨elping readers to reconnect with themselves spiritually and emotionally as they work to free themselves from guilt, worry, and unnecessary emotional attachments to food. With its holistic approach, How Much Does Your Soul Weigh? applies to all eating and weight problems 埦rom anorexia to obesity.

By confronting underlying issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as identifying the ⦡mes⟴hey play with themselves about weight, readers can form a healthy sense of themselves and lose weight naturally. Drawing on her own inspirational success story, and case studies, anecdotes, and examples from her own thriving weight–counseling practice (she boasts a 95% success rate), Dr. Dorie sets forth the four primary personality ⠲chetypes⠗⑩gid Rachel,⠓Searching Sarah,⠓Escapist Eric,⟡nd ⁵sy Beth⠗ that experience weight problems; the difference between ⬥ntal⟡nd ⡯dy⟷eight; the ᵠSecrets of Naturally Thin People,⟡ self–assessment quiz that will tell you how much your soul weighs, and ⑥cipes⟦or success –– tips and exercises that can easily be incorporated into daily life.


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How Much Does Your Soul Weigh?: Diet-Free Solutions to Your Food, Weight, and Body Worries

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With the favored formula for getting and staying thin changing nearly as often as the weather, McCubbrey (Dr. Dorie's Don't Diet Book) presents a plan that puts souls before scales-and therefore, she ... Read full review


Your Journey Begins Within
Diet Dilemmas
Living the Diet Nightmare
The Games Dieters Play
Lighten Your Load by Losing the Games
Real Results
Intuitive SelfCare
The Seven Secrets Naturally Thin People
Beyond the Number on the Bathroom Scale
Living Free of Weight Problems
Soulful Strategies
Feed Your Hungry Soul
The Recipes for Success
Enjoy Your Journey of Freedom

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Page 5 - You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
Page 234 - But everything is shown up by being exposed to the light, and whatever is exposed to the light itself becomes light.
Page 45 - The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.
Page 240 - Tribole, Evelyn and Resch, Elyse Intuitive Eating: A Recovery Book for the Chronic Dieter (St. Martin's Press...
Page 100 - Newton's law of motion states that a body at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.
Page 64 - It is a world of competition, where "survival of the fittest" is the name of the game. The mind is aligned with the world, filled with various demands and expectations.
Page 47 - identifies your soul as: - The principle of life, feeling, thought and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body...
Page 26 - However, once you go off the diet and return to your old eating habits, you will regain the lost weight.
Page 97 - I really didn't like exercise; it was just something I knew I had to do if I wanted to lose weight. My motivation was the diet chatter echoing in my head: "Exercise, exercise, exercise! Burn those calories, burn that fat!

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Dorie McCubbrey, M.S.Ed., Ph.D. -- the "Don't Diet" Doctor -- is a licensed professional counselor who combines her doctorate in bioengineering with her master's degree in counseling to help people undo the damage that restrictive weight-loss methods often cause. A member of the National Speakers Association, she provides seminars, workshops, and keynote addresses to audiences across the country. She has developed numerous learning resources, including Dr. Dorie's "Don't Diet" Book, the fitness video Healthy Weight Workouts, motivational cassettes, and workbooks. She lives near Boulder, Colorado.

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