Annual Report of the Forest Park Reservation Commission of New Jersey for the Year Ending ..., Volume 1

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Page 9 - Of those first appointed, one shall be appointed for a term of one year, one for a term of two years, and one for a term of three years ; and thereafter their successors shall be appointed for the full term of three years.
Page 10 - Reserves, and the forests thereon, as well as future growths thereon, and all moneys appropriated in that behalf, or collected therefrom in any way, and all personal property acquired to carry out the object of this act, are hereby confided to and vested in said Minnesota State Forestry Board, as the same may be herein, or in subsequent acts, defined and required.
Page 10 - ... water supply of the State and the methods best adapted to accomplish those objects and it shall make report of its doings, conclusions, and recommendations to each session of the General Assembly, and, from time to time, publish, in a popular manner, and print for public distribution, in bulletin or other form, such of its conclusions and recommendations as may be of immediate public interest.
Page 12 - The governor shall immediately after the passage of this act, appoint by and with the advice and consent of the senate, a mining inspector, whose term of office shall be three years, from the date of his appointment, and in case of the removal, resignation or death of the inspector, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the governor for the unexpired term.
Page 11 - Forestry, and such lands shall not be subject to warrant, survey or patent under the laws of the Commonwealth authorizing the conveyance of vacant or unappropriated lands ; and all such forestry reservation lands shall be exempt from taxation from the time of their acquisition.
Page 11 - Fire wardens, dens under section three of this act, all such fire wardens, while in the performance of their duties, shall, within the territories of any forest reservations, have power to abate any nuisance existing therein ; it shall be their duty, furthermore, to prevent and extinguish forest fires and to enforce the rules and regulations of the said board by arrest if necessary. 6. The title of all lands acquired by the state for forestry...
Page 11 - No title or interest in any of said lands held by said board as aforesaid shall be subject to be taken by any body corporate, whether municipal or private corporation, or any person whatsoever possessing the power of eminent domain, by condemnation proceedings, in the exercise of said power of eminent domain against the said board or the state of New Jersey, as respects all lands or interests therein included in said reservations. 8.
Page 10 - ... forests on forestry principles, the instruction and encouragement of private owners in preserving and growing timber for commercial and manufacturing purposes, and the general conservation of forest tracts around the headwaters and on the watersheds of all the water courses of the State.
Page 12 - The purchase money for lands acquired, and all expenses, incurred in said purchase, and all expenses incurred in connection with the management and holding of the state forestry reservations, shall be paid by the state treasurer from moneys in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated, on warrant of the comptroller upon vouchers certified by the secretary, duly approved by resolution of the board; provided, however, such sums shall not exceed the amount annually appropriated therefor by the legislature;...
Page 13 - An act for the establishment of forest park reservations by and in the State of New Jersey, and for the appointment of a State Board of Forest Park Reservation Commissioners, and defining its powers and duties," approved March twenty-second, one thousand nine hundred and five.

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