Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1964: Chronology on Science, Technology and Policy

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Scientific and Technical Information Division, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1965 - 527 pages

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Page 106 - Dr. Homer E. Newell, NASA Associate Administrator for Space Science and Applications, reviewed 1963 highlights in testimony before Senate Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences: "Although direct measurements of the physical properties of the Moon await successful lunar flights, our Earth-based work has continued with some exciting results. Lowell Observatory scientists detected evidence of gas escaping from three different spots in the area of the lunar crater Aristarchus. This observation...
Page 165 - Subcommittee on Science, Research and Development, House Committee on Science and Astronautics, opened hearings on problems of the Government-Science relationship.
Page 40 - Dr. Edward C. Welsh, Executive Secretary of the National Aeronautics and Space Council, puts it, 'the space race continues and it will be a long one.
Page 110 - This book is one of a series prepared in connection with the Survey of the Behavioral and Social Sciences conducted between 1967 and 1969 under the auspices of the Committee on Science and Public Policy of the National Academy of Sciences and the Problems and Policy Committee of the Social Science Research Council.
Page 469 - ABBREVIATIONS OF REFERENCES Listed here are abbreviations for sources cited in the text. This list does not include all sources provided in the chronology, for some of the references cited are not abbreviated. Only those references which appear in abbreviated form are listed below. Abbreviations used in the chronology entries themselves are crossreferenced in the Index. A&A A&A 64 AEC Release AF Info.
Page 445 - Space Operations Control Center at Goddard Space Flight Center, public information releases of the Department of Defense, NASA, and other agencies, and the Report to the Congress from the President of the United States: United States Aeronautics and Space Activities, 1964.
Page 143 - I am taking two actions today which reflect both our desire to reduce tensions and our unwillingness to risk weakness. I have ordered a further substantial reduction in our production of enriched uranium, to be carried out over a 4-year period. When added to previous reductions, this will mean an overall decrease in the production of plutonium by 20 percent, and of enriched uranium by 40 percent.
Page 79 - ... communication sessions had been held with the spacecraft since its launch more than a month ago. The spacecraft had sent scientific information, data on systems operation, and "information relating to the assigned program of investigations." (Tass, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 5/6/64, 1, ATSS-T Trans.) • House Committee on Science and Astronautics, Subcommittee on Space Sciences and Applications, held hearing on geographical distribution and indirect costs of Federal research and development. NASA...
Page 465 - An attempt has been made to classify the performance of both the launch vehicle and the payload and to summarize total results in terms of primary mission. Three categories have been used for vehicle performance and mission results — successful (S), partially successful (P), and unsuccessful (U).
Page 255 - The interest of able students in physical sciences and engineering has been decreasing during the period covered by this study and interest in the social sciences and humanities has been correspondingly increasing.

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