Library of Advertising, Volume 6

Front Cover
Axel Petrus Johnson
Cree Publishing Company, 1911

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Page 93 - A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages. Yet he dismisses without notice his thought, because it is his. In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts; they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.
Page 93 - In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts : they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty. Great works of art have no more affecting lesson for us than this. They teach us to abide by our spontaneous impression with goodhumored inflexibility then most when the whole cry of voices is on the other side. Else, to-morrow a stranger will say with masterly good sense precisely what we have thought and felt 31 all the time, and we shall be forced to take with shame our own opinion...
Page 52 - The twilight that sends the hens to roost sets the fox to prowl, and the lion's roar which gathers the jackals scatters the sheep.
Page 227 - Give me the luxuries of life and I will do without the necessities.
Page 279 - ATLANTIC CITY the one suggests the other ; one of the world's most famous resorts ; one of the world's most attractive resort houses Write for reservations to THE LEEDS COMPANY ALWAYS OPEN ON THE BEACH...
Page 183 - ... day by wagon, using daily 1,270,065 gallons of water; 933,900 square yards were sprinkled three times a day with rubber hose, using 611,858 gallons of water daily. Like all large cities on the Continent, Vienna has very clean streets. The method of keeping them in such condition is very simple, and there is no reason why the same results should not be obtained in the United States, if enough money be appropriated, to have the work done properly. The street-sweeping department is in charge of...
Page 193 - PVLE his pupils to find themselves, to " see straight." It is this passion for seeing straight, for honest art, no affectation, no sham, that makes different from so much instruction the whole spirit of Mr. Pyle's teaching. It is no wonder that modern illustration, including such strictly commercial work as advertisement drawing, useful certainly, and capable of the finest treatment, appeals to Mr.
Page 49 - ... before we decide that pleasure or pain alone may constitute a complete state of mind, it may be well to inquire : What is the connexion between feelings of pleasure and pain and the two remaining possible constituents of consciousness, as we can observe them now ? Broadly speaking, what we find is (1) that we are aware of a certain change in our sensations, thoughts, or circumi Cf.
Page 230 - ... that you either do not know what you are talking about or that you are giving him what is known in the vernacular as a "line of con talk.
Page 231 - Otherwise he drops out and the work will have to be done all over again, and the result of the second trial is doubtful.

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