History of the United States Naval Academy: With Biographical Sketches, and the Names of All the Superintendents, Professors and Graduates, to which is Added a Record of Some of the Earliest Votes by Congress, of Thanks, Medals, and Swords to Naval Officers

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D. Van Nostrand, 1862 - 156 pages

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Page 127 - Flag of the free heart's hope and home, By angel hands to valor given ! Thy stars have lit the welkin dome, And all thy hues were born in heaven.
Page 72 - By heaven, methinks it were an easy leap, To pluck bright honour from the pale-faced moon, Or dive into the bottom of the deep, Where fathom-line could never touch the ground, And pluck up drowned honour by the locks...
Page 126 - Sweeps darkly round the bellied sail, And frighted waves rush wildly back Before the broadside's reeling rack, Ea'ch dying wanderer of the sea Shall look at once to heaven and thee, And smile to see thy splendors fly In triumph o'er his closing eye.
Page 133 - Company, he will be rejected : 1. Feeble constitution and muscular tenuity ; unsound health from whatever cause ; indications of former disease ; glandular swellings or other symptoms of scrofula. 2. Chronic cutaneous affections, especially of the scalp. 3. Severe injuries of the bones of the head; convulsions. 4. Impaired vision, from whatever cause; inflammatory affections of the eyelids; immobility or irregularity of the iris; fistula lachrymalis, etc.
Page 109 - However pacific the general policy of a nation may be, it ought never to be without an adequate stock of military knowledge for emergencies. The first would impair the energy of its character, and both would hazard its safety, or expose it to greater evils when war could not be avoided.
Page 134 - Impaired or inadequate efficiency of one or both of the inferior extremities on account of varicose veins, fractures, malformation (flat feet, etc.), lameness, contraction, unequal length, bunions, overlying or supernumerary toes, etc., etc.
Page 126 - Flag of the seas! on ocean wave Thy stars shall glitter o'er the brave ; When death, careering on the gale, Sweeps darkly round the bellied sail...
Page 133 - Chronic cutaneous affections, especially of the scalp, or any disorder of an infectious character. 3. Severe injuries of the bones of the head ; convulsions. 4. Impaired vision, from whatever cause ; inflammatory affections of the eye-lids ; immobility, or irregularity of the iris ; fistula lachrymalis, etc., etc.
Page 21 - For the purpose of instruction, the department can select from among twenty-two professors and three teachers of languages. This force, which is now almost wasted by the manner in which it is applied, may be concentrated in such a manner as to produce the most satisfactory results. Besides, the list of chaplains is so great that they cannot all be employed at sea, and the range of selection of teachers may be enlarged by taking from their number some who would prefer giving instruction at the school...

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