Alpine Adventure: Or, Narratives of Travel and Research in the Alps

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T. Nelson and Sons, 1878 - 237 pages
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Page 114 - God, and fill the hills with praise! Thou too, hoar Mount! with thy sky-pointing peaks, Oft from whose feet the avalanche, unheard, Shoots downward, glittering through the pure serene Into the depth of clouds, that veil thy breast — Thou too again, stupendous Mountain! thou That as I raise my head, awhile...
Page 178 - It is not noon— the Sunbow's rays still arch The torrent with the many hues of heaven, And roll the sheeted silver's waving column O'er the crag's headlong perpendicular, And fling its lines of foaming light along, And to and fro, like the pale courser's tail, The Giant steed, to be bestrode by Death, As told in the Apocalypse.
Page 178 - The torrent is in shape curving over the rock, like the tail of a white horse streaming in the wind, such as it might be conceived would be that of the ''pale horse...
Page 181 - Heard the avalanches falling every five minutes nearly. From whence we stood, on the Wengen Alp, we had all these in view on one side ; on the other, the clouds rose from the opposite valley, curling up perpendicular precipices like the foam of the ocean of hell, during a spring tide — it was white, and sulphury, and immeasurably deep in appearance...
Page 181 - Ye toppling crags of ice! Ye avalanches, whom a breath draws down In mountainous o'erwhelming, come and crush me! I hear ye momently above, beneath, Crash with a frequent conflict; but ye pass, And only fall on things that still would live; On the young flourishing forest, or the hut And hamlet of the harmless villager.
Page 114 - Rise, O ever rise, Rise like a cloud of Incense, from the Earth ! Thou kingly Spirit throned among the hills, Thou dread Ambassador from Earth to Heaven, Great Hierarch ! tell thou the silent Sky, And tell the Stars, and tell yon rising Sun, Earth, with her thousand voices, praises GOD.
Page 65 - Zermatt it presents itself as a compact pyramid, smooth and steep, and defiant of the weathering air. From above it seems torn to pieces by the frosts of ages, while its vast facettes are so foreshortened as to stretch out into the distance like plains. But this underestimate of the steepness of the mountain is checked by the deportment of its stones. Their discharge along the side of the pyramid was incessant, and at any moment by detaching a single boulder we could let loose a cataract of them,...
Page 113 - ... sowing the seeds of continents to be ; so that the people of an older earth may see mould spread, and corn wave over the hidden rocks which at this moment bear the weight of the Jungfrau.
Page 225 - LIGHTHOUSES AND LIGHTSHIPS : A Descriptive and Historical Account of their Mode of Construction and Organization. With Seventy Illustrations from Photographs and other Sources. Post 8vo, cloth extra. Price 3s. 6d. ANIMAL LIFE IN THE PRIMEVAL WORLD. Founded on Meunier's "Les Animaux d'Autrefois.
Page 11 - Mont Blanc is the monarch of mountains, They crowned him long ago On a throne of rocks, in a robe of clouds, With a diadem of snow.

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